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i9300 black cover

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i9300 black cover Customers Reviews

  • Fair enough

    posted by raulbribeiro

    indeed, it adds a great deal of zoom to your pictures. it's small enough to be carried around, and the case binds the lenses very well. You can separate some parts, for easier cleaning, and that's really good.
    it completely lacks a case to carry around when not using, and to protect the lenses. a tripod would be essential, because it's very easy to shake the picture when using sich a high zoom
    fair quality for the price. but don't expect the sharper image your phone can get you.
  • Nifty

    posted by AzukietheCookie

    The wallet looks stylish and it's extremely convenient to keep everything together. Looks like a clutch also c:
    Loved it but the zipper wore out on me so it broke :( It lasted for a few months which is pretty good for the price I paid :] After a while the plastic around the phone started breaking off lol It definitely protected my phone though... Didn't drop it out in the parking lot so I didn't check it's durability.
    I would definitely buy more lol
  • Must have for any S3 Owner

    posted by NeoVortex

    Unlike 100% silicone cases this holds to the phone very rigidly thanks to the hard backing and the backing doesn't 'stick' in your pockets like my previous 100% silicone case did.Easy to put on and take off, unlike 100% hard plastic cases with no silicone, no small clips to break off after a few cycles of putting it on and taking it off.
    You can get more expensive cases 10x the price (literally) that are slightly fancier, have fancy patterns on the back, some even have kick stands, but as far as protecting your phone, both are functionally identical. If you want a cheap phone case that protects your phone well, get this.
  • What an amazing battery life xp

    posted by Luticoelho

    COVER- the cover fits perfectly on the GSIII- it's all smoothly curved, good to use- all IO holes fits perfectlyBATTERY- attaches firmly on its place- so far, the battery life is amazing. I haven't done a standby cycle to confirm full battery life but as soon as I do one, I'll post it here (within one week).
    The total weight is ok, considering you have a huge battery inside. I mean, it's like iPhone's original weight, but 10x more battery life ;)Nothing else to add, I'm happy with this one.
    If you think you need it, buy it, good product.
  • Good copy of a popular style

    posted by MetroB

    The magnetic clasp is strong maybe too strong as it takes some effort to open. Good stitching and good quality. It feels like it will take some use. I prefer the muonting type that runs the entire perimeter of the phone but the fits was very snug so it should stay put. The buyer wanted a black case but was impressed enough that she took this one
    It's perfect for the job. Hard to know what you are getting as this style is pretty generic now but this one is very good.
    Good sturdy case at a good price. buy it

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