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humidity sensor digital Customers Reviews

  • Inexpensive drop-in replacement for DHT21

    posted by gigamegawatts

    This is a drop-in replacement for the common DHT22 (aka RHT02) temperature/humidity sensor, but at half the price. I tried replacing a DHT21 in a sensor with this one, and the temperature and humidity readings are in-line with the DHT21. No downtime so far - quality seems to be good.
    You'll probably want to put a 10K pull-up resistor between V and signal - the circuit I'm using it in has one, and that works well.
    This is the lowest price I've found for a DHT21 sensor, by far. You can find analog temperature sensors for less, but they are considerably less accurate. I doubt there is a cheaper humidity sensor out there.
  • Very Good

    posted by mikesmichael

    Very low price for this kind of deviceWork fine to show indoor and outdoor temperatureYou can reset the display Came with the batteries Big number for the display Have both celcius and Fahrenheit degree
    Use for me to know if it's to dry or to wet inside of my appartment, so I can use my humidifier or my dehumidifier to balance the humidity.
    Happy of my purchase, recommand to buy it.
  • Very useful sensor

    posted by mcsarg

    Temperature and humidity sensor very useful for measuring aaplicaciones in electronic equipment, ultra-low power which can be installed on portable equipment, good coverage that protects from bumps
    I would put a protection of cables and most suitable electric insulation on the data bus, and some form of external calibration
    The bottom line is excellent for measuring these parameters and make a datalogger equipment to sample and store temperature and humidity with a microcontroller.
  • Very precise working unit

    posted by f11lbert

    Very good quality, you can know exactly what temprature and humidity is. You get very precise lavel of the megerment.
    Somehow it's a mess then you have a lot of boards intesd of just one board.But hey thats a part of arduino zen so just get it as it is.
    I would recomment it to all my friends who interedtes in arduino projects.
  • Good product, a little expensive

    posted by work3

    It works as advertised, the screen is good, easy to read data. Power supply is the must for backlight. It catch radio synch signal, from Germany (I believe) while I'm in Saint-Petersburg Russia.
    It you use radio synchronization you should set time zone and switch to zone mode via the zone button on the back side.I dropped one sensor into water. 99% humidity for few hours then back to normal. So it is water proof indeed.
    Good product, buy it.

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