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  • A thermometer for all temperatures

    posted by llasher

    Nice size
    By my reckoning, it is accurate
    Easy to read
    I have tried a few of these thermometers. These ones don't have an inside/outside lead, like some others on Dx. I couldn't get the buttons to respond in a meaningful way: not sure if the OS is poorly programmed, if the buttons are faulty in or if I am just dumb.
    Great little plastic thermometer. It will tell the temp in your reptile cage, or your bedroom or the basement humidor or cellar.
  • Do the job

    posted by lordedy

    1 - Very Usefull.2 - It is a cheap product.3 - It is the only one that has alarm function, models alike.4 - Just spend one AAA battery.
    It would be interesting, in a product that does so many measurements, a possibility also to measure atmospheric pressure
    It's a great product with excellent cost benefit.I had to judge if your measurements are accurate.
  • Good product, a little expensive

    posted by work3

    It works as advertised, the screen is good, easy to read data. Power supply is the must for backlight. It catch radio synch signal, from Germany (I believe) while I'm in Saint-Petersburg Russia.
    It you use radio synchronization you should set time zone and switch to zone mode via the zone button on the back side.I dropped one sensor into water. 99% humidity for few hours then back to normal. So it is water proof indeed.
    Good product, buy it.
  • Where's that probe?

    posted by llasher

    Nice big screen
    Displays each reading on separate line
    Sturdy enough
    Long cord
    I love thermometers. And hygrometers? Don't get me started. Say for example you want to know the temperature in your room and in your humidor? This is for you. Or perhaps in your frig and in your freezer. If you put this in a reptile enclosure with a temp gradient, you're laughing all the way to python breeding paradise. Seems accurate enough: just stick the probe next to the unit and watch the sparks fly! Well, watch the temperatures be the same.
    There's also a cheaper SKU here that is very good, but I like this one. Bought two. I would do it again if it wasn't for the recession making me a pauper overnight.
  • Nice device

    posted by Zaglav

    Large display. Clear symbols. Easy to use. Sending reached within 30 days. A long enough cable to the sensor. Shows the level of humidity.
    I was searching for the device with two zones measuring temperature and humidity readings with this most successful.
    Time will tell how much the device is reliable and accurate.

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