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hub power adapter Customers Reviews

  • 10-Port USB 2.0 Hub with External Power Source

    posted by boocoo

    10 ports, how awesome can you get
    can't beat the price
    pretty solid build
    works really well, once fixed
    Once fixed, it's a good value and damn useful piece of computer hardware.
  • alot of usb ports in small price

    posted by roeeitz

    - Alot of usb port (7) - small device!- have external power supply which is good for devices that get the power supply from it like jopysticks, gamepads, External HDD and more...- very cheap for usb pors splitter with External power supply!
    This is really great for everyone who need more usb ports which is very popular in this days (every thing that connect to the computer use usb port form cameras, keyboards, mouses to External HDD and External Drive and more...
    This is very good device that everyone and each of us will find very useful cause alot of people need more usb ports and it the easiest way and its very accessible because you can put it right next to you, use it and connect the usb without bend or go anywhere!I bought it especially for my PS3 because I jailbreak my console to play clone games and the first usb port is taken by the Jailbreak donagle and the second usb port is taken by my External HDD and sometimes I need to charge my controlers and I can't connect my Eye toy Camera so this solve my problem. now I can connect 2 External HDD, charge 2 controllers, connect the Eye Toy camera also connect the jailbreak dongle and I will still have more free usb ports!
  • USB hub is very good.

    posted by Ryciukas

    Good purchase.
    -Built quality is very good, plastic is not cheap.
    -All connectors are soldered fine, all 7 ports are working perfect.
    -Speed is USB2.0, tested on four drives, also on several USB sticks.
    -Summary, it is good purchase, I'm quiet satisfied, founded other usable power supply and can use hub for ideas I had.
    -But of course I can buy same usb hub cheaper if without power.
    Buy it, if you are using several usb sticks or external hdd's. Works fine.
  • working wel

    posted by danygise

    All ports work properly. Red LED lights up whenever some device is plugged in. Plastic housing looks nice and sturdy. Mounting holes on the back might come in handy
    Excellent build quality. 7 ports!! The price. Allows the use of an external power supply (I really needed this!!) for your power-sucking USB devices. It has holes on its back to mounting the hub. I mounted it on the rear of my desktop (Great!).
    You should really buy this product if you are looking for expanding your USB ports, specially if you own a notebook, on which you can't add more USB ports through a PCI expansion card. Nevertheless, consider buying another power supply, because of the poor quality of the included one. I would recommend everyone to toss it as soon it arrives
  • A good USB 2.0 hub

    posted by yatiya

    Works as promised: powered USB2.0 hub. I am satisfied with its operation and use this hub routinely.The power supply is 1 amper - ample for external USB HDD, so you do not have to use double USB plug.I plug into it my mouse, USB camera, keyborad and external HDD.I certainly recommend buying this USB hub.
    I certainly recommend buying this USB hub. It is worth the money I paid for it.


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