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  • A great way to break free from wires

    posted by KZ9999

    Cheap. Simple to setup with the clear manual. Does exactly as the product details say. I had no issues installing two Western Digital External HDD's. The wired/wireless router work as they should. The inbuilt software gives you a lot of control, if the design is a bit spartan. The build quality is basic but for the price quite good. The usb software works seamlessly and I've not come across any of my software not being able access devices plugged in the usb ports.
    Don't think you are getting a NAS adapter when you get this unit. The write up on the information page isn't clear but the hub and software just 'fakes' a direct connection to the devices attached to it. This means each device can have only one user at any time. For what I wanted for this is not a problem.
    You want to use your windows notebook without wires but still being able to use all your external devices, then this will solve your problems nicely. Just remember it's only one user per usb device.
  • NOT USB 2, but pretty nice anyway

    posted by blazbi

    Works as you would expect except its not USB 2. The LED is kinda cool, seems like everything from DX has an extra LED just for good measure, haha, but I love it. The quality of the plastic and materials isn't too bad, though it does't seem to be so precisely manufactured (see cons)
    It was disappointing to find that it was not USB 2.0. Some things still work very well through it, including things that I think actually require the 2.0 bandwidth. I think that its just not 100% compliant. I was able to watch 1080 resolution ATSC HD TV on my Kworld brand USB tv tuner with no issue, through this hub. That would not work with 1.0. But I have an external hard drive that has some issues with it and it seems to go slow through this hub. That's why I think that its not 100% compliant with the usb 2.0 spec. Some devices seem to be okay with it, some don't. Windows 7 thinks the whole hub is 1.1. The inconsistencies make me think its still a pretty good buy, the devices you have (if you have many) which do work fine through it, this will be fine for them. Overall its a pretty good buy and I am happy with the purchase, despite the product's quirks.
  • It is very most excellent sir

    posted by davood

    I bought some of these for a special setup involving USB Over Ethernet.
    I have multiple 100 to 150 foot long runs of ethernet going from the servers to a control room.
    each one has a usb<->ethernet converter at the ends;
    I am able to power devices at the end of the 150 foot run without even using the power adaptor for this hub;
    it's a good hub.
    the price is actually worth it considering some of the other cheap usb hubs i've tried around the same price range
    I will buy more if i need to do any more remote controlling of servers and other magical adventures in networking land.
  • USB Hub with ON/OFF switch

    posted by Gecinyuszi

    Great HUB with 4 USB ports and for each individual port there is an ON/OFF Switch. Perfect for USB using tools that you want to switch on/off when you desire and not always ON. There is a LED light at the side indicating the status.
    This is a great product for a great price. I personally bought it for the ON/OFF switch feature, it’s very useful, i think all HUBs should have a feature like this.
  • Good compact 7 port hub

    posted by ReneSantos

    Have 7 portsCompact designComes with AC-DC adapter (5v 1A), providing more energy for USB ports
    Well, it is a 7 port usb hub, do what promises.
    I think the best quality of this product is the design. It allows all connections on the same side, which saves space. Many 7 port hubs have the ports spread on all sides of the hub. Of course, the 7 port side by side design maybe is not a good idea if you have usb devices wich require more space, like some old flash drives, but for this case, a little usb extension could help.


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