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This is our best hub 3 port, they all share a great design and great prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Your support is our greatest motivation.

hub 3 port Customers Reviews

  • Kinda overpriced, but still a good deal if you need the rotation feature

    posted by Edu1231

    Well, it is the unique USB hub that I have found with this rotation feature in dx. Build quality good and it looks like it will last.
    It is an discrete item. You dont need to put it anywere as it just stays direct in the USB port. Also, I has an annoing LED, wich I think is pretty much unnecessary and just helps to increase the light poluittion in my room. China, stop putting LED's into the things!!
    I recommend this item if you need the rotation feature and an discrete item.
  • One line summary? One word! GREAT!

    posted by ChileanMadman

    - Supports 12-bit deep color, full 1080p- Supports with HDMI 1.3b- Plug and play- Easy 1-button switch.
    Bought this as the kids LCD only has one HDMI and they have a satellite tuner, xbox 360 and ps3 in their living room. So in order to keep them from nagging me whenever they needed to change the connected device to the TV, I bought this. Expected way less, and I'm 100% satisfied.You connect an hdmi cable to the tv (input) and to the switches output. Then you connect whatever device you have to the numbered hdmi inputs (1-3). If you have more than one hdmi connected, it will automatically switch to the input thats turned on. If you have more than one switched on you can change which signal you'd like to see by pressing the 1 button you can find on the switch. Its so easy even my kids (8 and 10) managed to do learn this in minutes. Now they dont bug me early in the weekends anymore ;)Bought a couple of hdmi cables (gold plated to go with this and they fit perfect -to ps3 and xbox 360 and my sat tuner): sku 24546.
    Would I buy it again? Yes. No doubt.Would I recommend it? Yes. Go buy it now!Would I run naked in the streets if I won a million dollar this weekend? Probably, but I would still buy this over a more expensive switch ;)If you don't need a remote to the switch, you can stop looking -this is what you need.
  • Fast and convinient HUB

    posted by Michalr90

    This is a good looking both HUB and card reader.I have tested it with up to 3 USB devices at one time, and it works.Card reader is really fast, faster than card reader in my laptop (I have compared the speed).Works well with SDHC 16GB card.Supports many other card types.
    Nothing more to say, only might have longer cable.
    Good one, really fast one, very convinient. I like the design very much - simple and clean.
  • it works, a bit pricey feels cheap ( i think it was a used one)

    posted by shahak8

    so far i tried only disk on key of 8 gigs in a fat 32 format and it recognized it. so it does what its says.the price is fair for this product.
    there are more products in this category i wonder if the ones more expensive are better?
    buy it only if you need all the different slot.i hope you will get a brand new one.and not used like mine
  • It works!

    posted by naivsupr

    The included lan-adapter uses the familiar AX88772B chip (DeviceID: VID_0B95&PID_772B). I'm writing this review from a cabled Microsoft Surface RT using the driver that went m.i.a. Rumors say the RT drivers will be back in Windows 8.1 but I had no problems finding, download and install the driver.
    This chipset is also supported by several Android devices.More info on the RT driver issue:plugable.com/2012/12/11/windows-rt-surface-usb-ethernet-takedown
    A simple and useful "bundle".


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