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  • Quite usefull and cheap enough.

    posted by martintog

    Very usefull, 3 USB ports (says 4... Nevermind)Good build quality, not the best but still very goodGood price even though it could be 2$ lower I think. Found the same one in a shop for 10€, without the brand margin I guess this cost 5€ max. Read SDHC. Didn't try SDXC.
    Not at all, USB cable connection with the gadget is not that perfect but does not seem weak.
    A very usefull gadget if you are using a net book or an old Mac without sd port and few USB ports.
  • Great for desktops

    posted by Supercoke

    -Lights up with blue LEDs-Dual switches to control two groups of hubs-Non-power consuming devices can still be pluged into the hub without power, good for laptops
    Very useful device to have for heavy computer users, was able to replace my tree of usb hubs with one organized hub.
    I would buy this again when I need more usb ports. Highly recommended.
  • ?Best there is?

    posted by duncanpa

    The best hub I encountered. Often devices work directly off a computer USB port but not off a hub port. I have a couple of devices that work without a problem off this hub, but may have problems working directly off a computer port. This hub is now my reference for USB devices.
    Red LED lights up if the hub is recognized by the computer. Green LED lights up if the device is installed correctly.
    AC adapter is supplied. The adapter is 100-240V.
    I bought already 2 of those and daisy them.
    You will not regret getting this hub.
  • Great product

    posted by jppenha

    easy to install and usemultiples functionsphoto scan, negative scanit's possible to use different types of hdyou receive a card resader include with thisand some computers did'nt have this gadgetfast to read and write using usb 2.0
    better than closed cases, when you need to change only turn off , change the hd and turn on again.everything work's fine
    easy change of drives, only turn off and after put your new hd an
  • It works!

    posted by naivsupr

    The included lan-adapter uses the familiar AX88772B chip (DeviceID: VID_0B95&PID_772B). I'm writing this review from a cabled Microsoft Surface RT using the driver that went m.i.a. Rumors say the RT drivers will be back in Windows 8.1 but I had no problems finding, download and install the driver.
    This chipset is also supported by several Android devices.More info on the RT driver issue:plugable.com/2012/12/11/windows-rt-surface-usb-ethernet-takedown
    A simple and useful "bundle".

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