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htc usb adapter

This is our best htc usb adapter, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Find more popular products from usb hdmi adapter, usb serial adapter. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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htc usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • Works very well!

    posted by mrviper

    - Looks OK, feels sturdy and well built
    - Power indicator
    - EU plug!
    - Heavy enough to make it stand well
    - The phone rests well in the cradle
    - Charges on AC (charges much faster than on regular USB) or on USB depending on which is plugged in.
    - Easy to set in or take out the phone from the charger
    - A dust cover for the usb connector is included.
    Note that the USB plug (data) is not removable, but the charger-cable is. The charger-cable is mini-usb (Not micro, as the phone is)and is plugged in the back of the charger.
    It just works very well, and looks more than OK, and the EU powerplug is very welcoming.
    Would absolutely recommend this charger for anyone which uses EU power.
  • Works with my HTC M7

    posted by Alantay

    This adaptor is reasonably priced. The item is small. I noticed the word Samsung embedded on the adapter but it worked with my HTC as mentioned in Deal Extreme website. I connected it on the spot and it worked without a hitch. I could play video with sound with no lag. I could run powerpoint on it.
    I also noticed that even though my phone indicated that it is charging the battery but the battery power percentage is dropping. So it is not really charging but discharging slowly due to the external power source.
    If you need to do presentation on the go, this is a handy tool to do the job. Good for presentation on the spot or in a short time notice. The projector must be able to support HDMI.
  • Good value for the money

    posted by drkoster

    Short list:
    + Charge indication of the battery (Charging or fully charged)
    + Battery works well. Runtime close to original
    + European plug adapter included
    + Small size
    It is a decent charger that works well for its purpose. Solid casing so it's safe to take along with you.
    Very good value for the money. Works for it's purposes but don't over do it ;). Could use a better circuitry inside.
    I have swapped 2 capacitors due to a rather high ESR. This helped to keep the unit a tad cooler under load, but it isn't the solution.
    Works very well. Battery lives up to expectations and does a good job. Charger gets hot under load, be carefull.
  • double capacity of other usb car-adapter

    posted by waywardnl

    Small, cheap and it works on all your usb devices. I did not recieve any back that smalls like fire. Heavy duty and only one USB connection so people do not overload it
    I choos ethis produkt becease it was 2000mA instead of the usual 1000mA. I was getting back a lot of plugs that did not function any more and they smelled burned.
    Good Buy, maybe different colors to be a pretty plug ;-) I bought 10 of these things and never got one back so far
  • Just works.

    posted by Ornitos

    Price, usability. Sound line out. It charges the smartphone.
    I use this adapter to connect Galaxy Note to a projector to display presentations on the big screen. It is more convenient to carry than a laptop. But given the described disadvantages I can not fully trust the device.
    It works. But could be better.

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