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  • Like a glove

    posted by MotownCS

    Fits like a glove. Quality is good. The phone fits very nicely in the protective leathe case. I have now experienced for a while and i know for sure it can take a beating!! My kids tossed it around for a couple of times. So i'm sur about it. ;-)
    I think the cons is something to think about, Then you you will haven a fivestar product for a fivestar price! Yes, is has to be opened when you want to charge it, but i don't think that seems to be a big con.
    Nice product, for even nicer price!!!
  • Very good for Galaxy Note 2

    posted by ropessin

    This is an awesome little device that does what it is supposed to, securely attach your icellphone to the tripod. The build quality is good and feeds good and it make a secure connection to your phone.
    It is a simple, small and useful item which can be used to stabilize the cellphone ( Galaxy Note 2). It does what it has to do and what you would expect.Placing in the Camera stand works good and using it as a kind of kick stand works oke (little force needed).
    Simple device, easy to use. Small, easy to carry item. Good construction.
  • Great charger

    posted by Ofleisher

    connect very easy to pc, no need of electricity connect!Mobile sit very tight and it easy to put it in and or to remove the mobile phone from the charger. nice little light guide you to place the phone on the charger socket pin without any problem.
    the light is on the back only no charge light , but the phone have red/green light.
    very good value for money, looks build in high quality way.
  • Fits both HTC Hero and Tiger WG3 phones.

    posted by RevolverOcelot

    Purchased this hoping it would fit a Tiger WG3 phone (SKU.30780/30781). To my surprise, this case does fit the TWG3 phone but it does require some modification. Overall, this is a nice silicone case. It holds my phone nicely and the moulded buttons fit directly the buttons on my phone. The phone's buttons are also very responsive to the moulded buttons.
    Case fits Tiger WG3 (SKU.30780/30781) but some modifications to the case is required. The mini USB port, stylus, TV antenna, camera light, front camera and earphone port all need to be cut out on the silicone case. I used a sharp knife and hole punch to cut out the openings.
    For $2, this is an excellent silicone case. Some people don't like silicone phone cases because it makes their phones ugly and bulky but I think it's much needed protection. $2 and an extra bulkiness is a small price to pay for protecting your phone.
  • Best buy for your HTC Diamond

    posted by enRiki70

    Nice build and goodlooking base. I have it always plugged to my computer. It sincronizes the mobile at the same time it charges it. You can charge an spare battery at the same time.
    I have a "flat-back" HTC Diamond so there is a gap between the back of my device and the dock, so I have to be careful.
    One of the best buys for my HTC Diamond!

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