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htc hd2 battery Customers Reviews

  • Good value for the money

    posted by drkoster

    Short list:
    + Charge indication of the battery (Charging or fully charged)
    + Battery works well. Runtime close to original
    + European plug adapter included
    + Small size
    It is a decent charger that works well for its purpose. Solid casing so it's safe to take along with you.
    Very good value for the money. Works for it's purposes but don't over do it ;). Could use a better circuitry inside.
    I have swapped 2 capacitors due to a rather high ESR. This helped to keep the unit a tad cooler under load, but it isn't the solution.
    Works very well. Battery lives up to expectations and does a good job. Charger gets hot under load, be carefull.
  • Very well

    posted by Leo96

    very cheap!2400 mAh and my HD2 has 2nd life! it was working for 7 days and 15 hours!came in very good defence, so postmans couldnt break itback stage is very usefullness and good
    if you want cheap extremely capacity-buy itit is a very build quality-thingi adwice it to all HTC HD2 users
  • Great price:performance ratio!

    posted by cliffordlee

    - Out-of-box pre-charged capacity is a huge improvement over my ailing OEM 1230mAh battery. Will benchmark real-world performance when I do have more time. - Decent workmanship (of batteries) aside from slight misalignment in the sticker labellings- The included battery cover has an anti-slip surface!
    - The extended battery+cover is about the same weight as the original battery+metal cover. You'll just to have to get use to the increased bulk (volume) Here are some weight measurements taken: phone - 112g original batt - 25g replacement battery (std capacity) - 25g extended capacity battery - 45g original metal cover - 21g extended plastic cover - 7g std capacity batt+metal cover+phone=158g extended battery+plastic cover+phone=164g - Only time will tell how long will these batteries sustain their rated capacities, but heck, just get it!
    - Good for traveling! And for HD2 users on Android!
  • Usefull also with Hero H7000 Phone

    posted by gilparis

    Bought tjis replace battery to increase the autonomy on the H7000 Hero phone.It appears that the smartphones use much energy and the two batteries delivered with this phone also if they are 1900 mA/h batteries are something small.So I bought this battery, together with an external SKU: 40593 battery charger because it does not make sense to deliver two batteries ans allow to charge just one at a time, inside the phone.Now I can easily travel and use if needed the two batteries and charge them at the same moment.
    Usefull item
  • Good Value

    posted by ravens

    Exactly like an OEM battery.
    Charge / discharge time similar
    Comes in tiny resealable plastic bag (inside box)
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    Great backup battery, good price, quality looks good.

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