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  • Very good deal

    posted by andreiani

    - The charger looks very sturdy so you don't have to fear that it might break- Battery can be charged from USB (cable not included)- Two different LED colors tell you id the battery is charged- Very small so you can put it in your pocket when you go travelling- Battery looks good, even though it isn't original.
    Price/quality ratio is great.
    I'm very pleased with my purchase.

    posted by golfgti1

    Holds the phone snugly. It won't fall off no matter what! No important part of the phone is covered (buttons, camera, speaker, audio jack, usb) Phone holding piece can be detached from the suction cup piece - spare parts for your future cellphone! I used it all the time for almost 2 years before it finally broke.
    When the suction cup broke, I detached the part holding the cellphone and put it on top of the suction cup I had with my old cellphone. Voila! New holder!
    i recomended this seller and this holder he is perfect.
  • Nice mount for a cheap price

    posted by thamrx

    It's really stable. The phone won't fall out, whatever you do. I bought the item for the carmount but the charger is also really usefull.The charger has a button, if you press it the cable will roll back in automatically.
    Possibly the best carmount for your Desire HD.
    Cheap price for a carmount, and you even get a 12v charger as a bonus.
  • Useful, but not as advertized

    posted by ilianbg

    A good price for an external charger and a battery
    The charger has an USB port to charge other gadgets.
    Fits perfectly.
    The battery measured 23g original is 26g. As expected the capacity measured is 1105mah, so you'll get slightly less run time from this battery compared to the stock battery.
    Charging using the provided charger is very slow... Just use the phone as a charger.
    If you need a second battery this is a good buy. It's much cheaper then the other options.
    As of this time I don't know of a real high capacity battery for the desire hd.
  • Great car charger for a smart phone

    posted by Liamola

    The materials and parts of the charger seem to be good quality. Plastic feels robust. Nice finishing also. Long rubber wire. I think the indicator led is handy. Does it job as expected, perhaps a little bit faster than I initially thought. Works at least with Nokia phones and HTC phones.
    Good looking, quite cheap, good quality car charger. Overall it’s a great product so I can recommend it to anyone who needs reliable car charger for their smart phone (or any other device with micro usb port).

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