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On this page, you can find a wide selection of htc hd chargers. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

htc hd chargers Customers Reviews

  • Product that simply works......

    posted by sickmind

    Excellent product.The battery works great. It last twice as much compared the my old original one! Actually I don't see any difference in battery life between this one and the original one when it was new!You can charge the battery and the phone simultaneously.Good price, good build quality compared to other dealextreme products.
    Product that simply works......Combining this with car charger and this car holder: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/plastic-car-swivel-mount-holder-with-suction-cup-for-htc-desire-hd-black-50742 is recommended
    You wouldn't regret if you bought this. Recommended product.
  • great car holder

    posted by skocko76

    Holds the phone snugly. It won't fall off no matter what!No important part of the phone is covered (buttons, camera, speaker, audio jack, usb)Phone holding piece can be detached from the suction cup piece - spare parts for your future cellphone!I used it all the time for almost 2 years before it finally broke.
    When the suction cup broke, I detached the part holding the cellphone and put it on top of the suction cup I had with my old cellphone. Voila! New holder!
    Get it, It's good.
  • Great product

    posted by bsenden

    Great product!
    - fast charging
    - long wire
    - universal micro-USB connector
    - indicator led
    - works great with my LG optimus
    - easy to store (it's small)
    I was looking for a universal micro-USB charger so I decided to buy this one. I tested it in my car and it does what it's supposed to do!
    If the wire is unrolled, it's very long. So I thing this will fit in every car, also cars with a bad located power socket
    Great product, great price!
    Just buy it if you need a universal micro-USB charger for your car!
  • The declared capacity is less.

    posted by Nimizh

    For such cost the worthy gadget can also. But the second time I wouldn't take it. It is better to choose option on more expensively. There is no declared capacity. For the rest all declared works.
    For use as the emergency option, reaches. It is good to use on trips. It is better to order from the additional, more expensive battery.
    This thing will help you with trips and to distances from the house.
  • Awesome Desire HD holder

    posted by Ibsen

    First of all i would like to say that i was amazed that this thing is so freakin sturdy! I have a holder with a turtle neck (or whatever its called. You know what i mean) and if it holds the device in the air it shakes.THIS HOLDER DOESNT SHAKE at all!The build quality is great, and the tension wheels are easy to turn and lock. There are three joints that can be adjusted, so its easy to get it in any position you prefer. The charger is also very handy, with retracable cabel (a little thin so be careful with it) And a LED light to let you know its connected.The phone fits the holder really good, it just clicks into place real tight and sturdy. It will not fit if the phone has any protection cases on!Another great thing is that there is made holes in the holder so you can use the videocamera while its attached.
    I've got the horisontal hold verson of this, which i didnt order. i have made a case with DX about it. Beware of this, since the navigation and call function does not support horisontal view. I looks better held this way though.
    Get this if you want the sturdiest Desire HD holder there is.


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