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  • Best dock available for desire

    posted by Evilandi

    - best (or only?) dock available for htc desire
    - comes with a charger and usb cable (attached)
    - good quality
    - fits good
    - just works!
    - you can also use it with your original charger
    if you don't like the blue led, tape it with black tape. (I did that).
    There are two versions out there, one has a microUSB connector on the back side (and comes with a microUSB charger), and the older version comes with a miniUSB connector & charger. I got both for my htc desire, both work fine. But the newer one is much better, so you can directly use your htc charger.
    If you have an usb charger you can also use it with the usb cable attached to the dock.
    Nice dock for a good price! But it could be cheaper!
  • Good Buy

    posted by dbest

    - The price is cheap- The charger does its job- The battery has a good capacity (not 1600mAh but it lasts more than sku.39266, maybe 1300mAh approximately)- Fit perfect on my HTC Desire- It´s perfect to use it as a second battery
    It last me about one day and a half with 3G on (24h) and sync every hour with mails, news, weather and google talk so is not bad, I know that it also depends on the ROM and Radio that you are using so it might vary. The original charger of the Desire charges the original battery in 3 hours (with the phone off) and with this one it took 4,5 hours, and same with this battery, it takes more time too charge compared with the original charger. Last thing is that the battery after the full charge, sometimes it shows you on the phone 8X% or 9X%, when I saw it, I plugged with the cable usb to charge it, 5-10 minutes later the led of the phone was green and finally it shows you 100%.
    In general is a good buy with some little cons like USA plug, now I´m using sku.3529 with it. Later I will upload some pics.
  • Great product!

    posted by hyperloop

    Great product, the spare battery slot fits sku39266 perfectly and the LED charging light is very easily noticeable.
    It comes with 2 sets of cables, 1 set is attached to an AC charger , the other is the standard HTC mini usb to usb cable.
    I am using this with the cable that came with my HTC desire and it works perfectly, charges quickly (both phone and spare battery).
    The phone sits very securely in the dock and will not fall even if u bump lightly into the dock.
    There are two mini usb ports in the charger, i think only ONE of them is for charging and the other should be for syncing (havent tried it yet). How you will be able to tell which port to use is to either put your phone or a spare battery in the slot and connect the power cable to one of hte ports.
    In mine, the LED charging light will only light up with ONE of the ports but it charges, so no complaints there.
    If you own a HTC desire and want a spare battery charger and cradle get this and sku39266.
  • Simply Awesome

    posted by SEBratt

    I used the original cable that came with my phone for nearly 2 years before finally losing it. I found this cable which is identical to it and love it! Price can't be beat as my carrier store wants about 20 bucks for the cable and wall plug when I only need the cable.
    Plug fits great with no looseness or wiggling. It seems like it MAY charge slightly slower than my original cable even though it appears exactly the same. It may be my imagination playing tricks on me, but worth noting.
    Perfect length cable for most applications, great build quality, and a price that costs less than a burger for lunch! YEAH!
  • Works great

    posted by inception

    Makes my Desier last twice as long as normal - it runs for two days.Supplied back cover is a very good fit and has the same finish as original.
    It has longer charging time than the normal battery, but I guess that's logical. I usually leave it charging over night, works fine.
    Definately worth the money! Makes my phone much more versatile, i can watch videos and listen to the radio on the train to work, stream spotify all day at work, and surf the web on my way home, and it's nowhere near depleted! :D


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