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htc desire screen Customers Reviews

  • It's DIAMOND protector! It sparks and glitters!

    posted by KOTYAR

    To start with, this is NOT a usual screen protector, this is one SPARKLY diamond protector, the one which actually sparkles. -It was very cheap compared to screen protectors in my store.- Has good cloth inside a package, it is good idea, don't effect the touch speed, fits the screen perfectly.
    This is NOT a usual transparent (as said in the overview) protector, this is one SPARKLY diamond protector, the one which really sparkles. It is not mentioned nor in the overview, nor on the package, you have to figure this little fact only by glossy "Diamond" label on the front of package. Therefore, it is "girly" protector, in my opinion. It kinda looks like a sparkly protector SKU 160265, have the similar cloth and stickers on it.
    It's really pretty! It shines and glitters but not in a way that it bothers you, you know. It's actually great. People keep asking me where I got it from because of all it's cuteness. If you want your phone to look unique, I highly recommend it to you.
  • Good, cheap protection for Your screen

    posted by samppako

    It's cheap and easy to use. It fits my HTC Desire just perfectly. I like how it feels on screen. It's not sticy at all. Screenprotector arrived in cardboard carton, which prevented the protector to refract.
    Time will tell what kind of quality product really is. At this price it does not matter if the product does not last that long. I do not know, if surface is easily scratched. Time will tell and when this screenprotector wears of, I will order new one.
    I ordered just one piece to check out the quality of this screen protector. Now I am convinced that I could've ordered few of them. This product offers good value for money.
  • Great protection foil!

    posted by lukasandrysik

    --> Very cheap
    -->Relatively easy to apply. Just make sure you are in "clean room" without dust and really carefully clean your display.
    Even the cell phone has scratch-proof glass, you can find tiny scratches after months of use. I use this protector and replace it every two months and my mobile looks brand new.
    If you have dust or some particles on the foil, you can remove it with transparent office tape - it will stick to the tape and you can remove it
    Definetly worth buying!
  • Nice little product

    posted by Ringall

    - good quality. Kept mine on the phone for more than a month = no scratches or marks.
    - Was very easy to apply. Fit my phone screen perfectly (Desire Z), and is nearly unnoticeable after installation.
    - Does not make using the touch screen any more difficult; it does not feel sticky like some other screen protectors make it feel.
    The best purchase I have made in DX so far. The price is simply incredible, so I ordered a total of 11 (or 12... ) of these, so that I can just simply swap to a new one, when one becomes scratched or otherwise worn out.
    Nice little bonus is the cleansing fabric that comes with it. Very handy, and saves you the trouble of hunting down and buying one of those too.
    Read "Other Thoughts"-section. Amazing product
  • Does what it say

    posted by DellSuperman

    - Damm cheap! Bought 3 pieces, making it even cheaper.- The 1st piece that I applied was badly done (fault on my part), so I had to remove it. No residue as mentioned in the description!- Does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen, as compared to my previous screen protector.
    Does what it says, thought the fingerprint one wasn't accurate.
    It might not be the best screen protector out there but for its price, I am willing to use them since it is just to protect my screen.And because I wasn't too confident of my skills, I bought 3 (which made it even cheaper) in case I fail at it.


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