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You'll find the best htc desire screen for you here. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. You can also browse the htc desire g5, htc desire holder, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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htc desire screen Customers Reviews

  • Great

    posted by Kolkkaaja

    It's easy to apply and seems like a good screen protection for the phone.
    Also the dust wiper is good and a nice addition to the protection.
    I recommend buying several, in case you fail in the first attempt. I myself got some dust in between the screen and the protector, so there was air bubbles that couldn't be pushed away.
    A great and cheap protection to Desire HD! I recommend buying this.. Well actually buy 3 or 5 and use the bulk pricing ;)
  • Ideally priced

    posted by shopbouncer

    Ideally priced for what it does.
    It protects very well against most light scratches.
    Very easy to apply.
    I can understand why others will go to the major retailer to buy something like this. It'll likely ending up costing between $8-12
    Just keep a few of these around and change them from time to time. The phone will always look brand new !
    Go for it !!
  • Works well with HTC Desire

    posted by bhassett

    Fits the HTC Desire perfectly, even though the packaging refers only to the HTC G7.Surface is very nice, good smooth action with no loss of control.
    Packaging and instructions are in English only.
    Good quality, good price. I have already bought a few extra.
  • Really Great buy

    posted by Hundredfire

    Really good looking
    Soft touch
    Perfectly pitch black
    Leaves access to all controls (even the two little pinholes near the camera are unobstructed)
    feels sturdy, fits the HTC Desire S perfectly and is not too bulgy
    ROCK branding doesn't show as much as on the photo
    The screenguard is perfect, thin and easy to stick. Light sensor works correctly.
    Package is really really good! Hard transparent plastic case with drawn instructions and chinese captions, not really important as installation is quite straight-forward.
    If you have a HTC Desire S, it's an indispensable double protection for your phone! These are available for around 20eur here in France. At this price, what are you waiting for?! BUY!
  • It's DIAMOND protector! It sparks and glitters!

    posted by KOTYAR

    To start with, this is NOT a usual screen protector, this is one SPARKLY diamond protector, the one which actually sparkles. -It was very cheap compared to screen protectors in my store.- Has good cloth inside a package, it is good idea, don't effect the touch speed, fits the screen perfectly.
    This is NOT a usual transparent (as said in the overview) protector, this is one SPARKLY diamond protector, the one which really sparkles. It is not mentioned nor in the overview, nor on the package, you have to figure this little fact only by glossy "Diamond" label on the front of package. Therefore, it is "girly" protector, in my opinion. It kinda looks like a sparkly protector SKU 160265, have the similar cloth and stickers on it.
    It's really pretty! It shines and glitters but not in a way that it bothers you, you know. It's actually great. People keep asking me where I got it from because of all it's cuteness. If you want your phone to look unique, I highly recommend it to you.

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