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It's very convenient for you to find the htc desire replacement you want at our online shop. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. htc desire cradle, htc desire back may be more suitable for you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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htc desire replacement Customers Reviews

  • Great battery for backup, or even light phone use

    posted by dardhal2

    We all know that smartphones are battery intensive, and depending on use, you could have the need to recharge your phone daily, or even keep it plugged to a USB port to keep the battery ready for work. But sometimes, your battery runs out of energy, and you are left with an expensive, but non-working, device. Brand replacement batteries sell for several tens of dollars / euros, quite expensive to have "just in case".This battery and charger fills that gap, providing you with an affordable, yes quite performing, compatible battery. My limited testing so far showed this battery can get me about 75% the runtime the original one gives, so not bad for emergency use, but could also have uses for everyday usage.
    The first unit I received had the charger defective on arrival, initially it only charged to 3.7V (which is is the same voltage the HTC senses as "battery low") , but the second time I used it output voltage dropped to a broken 3.3 V. DX staff was kind enough to quickly send a replacement, and the new unit is working perfect. DX service people, thank you.
    This is a must have for any HTC Desire / G7 owner, as we all know how battery hungry our smartphone can be. Don't be again left in the cold by your premium battery, get one or more of this, and have them around just in case you need them.
  • Does work but not quite as good as expected

    posted by EstTreme

    The price is good. For 7,9 $ it's well worth the money.Gives phone some extra work-time.
    I also bought 6000mAh external power supply and this would have been enough.
    For this price a good buy if your old battery is completely dead. No other reason to buy.
  • Replacement batteries

    posted by djcottje

    Is double the power of the original battery.You'll get two.Easy to install.
    Great for festivals, when you can't charge your cellphone.I used an external charger (can also be found on the site), so they were both fully charged
    Very good batteries, back cover is less quality but good enough (if you don't open it every two days)
  • Handy for smartphone

    posted by Pcfr34k

    - Small charger with high capacity battery.- With USB port for phone charging.- Came with 1600 mAh battery!!!- Low price for good replacement.
    - A clamp for locking the battery in place while charging would be nice.
    Great deal!Came with 1600 mAh battery!!! :D
  • Cheap replacement battery

    posted by Drummer2

    - Cheap- Same quality as HTC
    My Smartphone (HTC Desire HD) is more than 2 years old. Batterylife is not as good as it where.A new genuine HTC battery is expensive, but this battry is a good and cheap replacement. I can't discover any difference with the original battery, except that there's no HTC logo on it.
    If you need a replacement battery for your phone, just buy this one! It gives you a new fresh battery. You can use it as a secondary battery if you are on a travel and you aren't able to charge your phone in a few days. You can then simply swop batteries!


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