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On this page, you can find a wide selection of htc desire g7. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Of course, you can find them from htc desire s510e, htc desire g12. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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htc desire g7 Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and very useful

    posted by teq00

    It does what it is supposed to do and is cheap. Nearly invisible when applied correctly. The enclosed cleaning cloth works well provided your screen isn't too gunky.
    I've used a few of these and find them very useful. The removable "ears" on the film makes it easy to apply without getting any fingerprints underneath the surface. Make sure you're in a place that's not dusty when applying.
    A must if you want to avoid scratches on your screen in a discrete way.
  • Good quality

    posted by mitcolt

    Good quality, looks exactly what is shown in the picture. Fits nicely in my desire phone without the need to change the battery cover. This battery an last a full day with heavy usage.
    Package received nicely package. Very happy with the item. The battery is a good replacement of the stock battery for HTC desire who have heavy usage of their phone.
    Price is great. Recommended for htc desire users who want a bigger capacity battery without changing the battery cover
  • About as good as original

    posted by jensoosterkamp

    + Fits the HTC Desire perfectly+ Works well, good capacity, I bought this for my GF's phone, (same as mine) and they work about equally long on a battery (my battery is a couple of years old, so maybe performance is not as good as factory batteries, I don't know this).+ Comes with free micro USB cable, yay+ Did not explode yet, pffiew
    We had NO problems fitting this in the phone, I read some people that had these problems with getting a DX battery in their phone.
    Good replacement of the original if lost, or broken, but I would not buy it for the extra capacity.
  • Works great

    posted by inception

    Makes my Desier last twice as long as normal - it runs for two days.Supplied back cover is a very good fit and has the same finish as original.
    It has longer charging time than the normal battery, but I guess that's logical. I usually leave it charging over night, works fine.
    Definately worth the money! Makes my phone much more versatile, i can watch videos and listen to the radio on the train to work, stream spotify all day at work, and surf the web on my way home, and it's nowhere near depleted! :D
  • Great battery for backup, or even light phone use

    posted by dardhal2

    We all know that smartphones are battery intensive, and depending on use, you could have the need to recharge your phone daily, or even keep it plugged to a USB port to keep the battery ready for work. But sometimes, your battery runs out of energy, and you are left with an expensive, but non-working, device. Brand replacement batteries sell for several tens of dollars / euros, quite expensive to have "just in case".This battery and charger fills that gap, providing you with an affordable, yes quite performing, compatible battery. My limited testing so far showed this battery can get me about 75% the runtime the original one gives, so not bad for emergency use, but could also have uses for everyday usage.
    The first unit I received had the charger defective on arrival, initially it only charged to 3.7V (which is is the same voltage the HTC senses as "battery low") , but the second time I used it output voltage dropped to a broken 3.3 V. DX staff was kind enough to quickly send a replacement, and the new unit is working perfect. DX service people, thank you.
    This is a must have for any HTC Desire / G7 owner, as we all know how battery hungry our smartphone can be. Don't be again left in the cold by your premium battery, get one or more of this, and have them around just in case you need them.


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