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This is our best htc desire car holder, they all share a great design and great prices. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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    posted by stanj028

    Surprisingly brilliant fit for the HTC desire S and having an interchangeable face means if you get a new phone just try to find a new holder for it.The price is just right, bearing in mind the cheapest I can find here near me in the UK is £20 for the same thing!It has a long flexible neck so can be adjusted to be a PERFECT fit.Has camera and microphone cutouts (see other thoughts bit for why this is useful)
    USES FOR CAMERA HOLE AND MICROPHONE HOLE:*Dashcam- There are many FREE applications out where which act as a 'BLACK BOX' which means it constantly records footage but only saves it when you as for it to, for example if you have a crash, it can save a video file from the last few moments, so it good if your like me and understand the roads can sometimes be dog eat dog!*Satnav- Brilliant for use with satnav apps!*Hands Free- I bought a bluetooth hands free alongside this and in conjunction with each other they make answering a call while driving a doddle!
    Own a HTC Desire S? Like being legal/safe? Like getting lost but get scared when you cant find your way out or just want piece of mind?This is perfect :)
  • Good for navigation

    posted by catastr0phe

    No need to wet the suction cup! That's one big PRO.
    You just stuck it on the window and use the lever to suck it on to the window. The HTC fits perfectly firm and steady. No fear of it falling out. Up and down and left and right with just one twist makes it all the more worthy.
    A bit shorter arm so it's not as far from the windows.
    Great to use for navigation and watching youtube when in a traffic jam.
  • HTC desire S

    posted by camper123

    Its cheap compared to local store prices!It got a solid touch in the angling holder
    price is more than fair, for the product! i feared it alot when ordering, due to might the rubber lock wouldnt hold up after little while of use.. but no problems sofar
    Nice to buy, if you use your phone for fx. playing music in car stereo trough bluetooth, and cant sit with you phone in your hand and change tracks.And its more "hands free" which in case of Denmark law is legal to touch/use while driving then :-)
  • Awesome Desire HD holder

    posted by Ibsen

    First of all i would like to say that i was amazed that this thing is so freakin sturdy! I have a holder with a turtle neck (or whatever its called. You know what i mean) and if it holds the device in the air it shakes.THIS HOLDER DOESNT SHAKE at all!The build quality is great, and the tension wheels are easy to turn and lock. There are three joints that can be adjusted, so its easy to get it in any position you prefer. The charger is also very handy, with retracable cabel (a little thin so be careful with it) And a LED light to let you know its connected.The phone fits the holder really good, it just clicks into place real tight and sturdy. It will not fit if the phone has any protection cases on!Another great thing is that there is made holes in the holder so you can use the videocamera while its attached.
    I've got the horisontal hold verson of this, which i didnt order. i have made a case with DX about it. Beware of this, since the navigation and call function does not support horisontal view. I looks better held this way though.
    Get this if you want the sturdiest Desire HD holder there is.

    posted by golfgti1

    Holds the phone snugly. It won't fall off no matter what! No important part of the phone is covered (buttons, camera, speaker, audio jack, usb) Phone holding piece can be detached from the suction cup piece - spare parts for your future cellphone! I used it all the time for almost 2 years before it finally broke.
    When the suction cup broke, I detached the part holding the cellphone and put it on top of the suction cup I had with my old cellphone. Voila! New holder!
    i recomended this seller and this holder he is perfect.

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