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htc battery adapter Customers Reviews

  • Good quality, needs to be prepared - read cons

    posted by toledun

    + good holding time (like original)
    + good for festivals or trips
    + about 2 hours to full charge with adapter
    + charger has information diod (blue for charged battery, red for charging battery)
    1 minute of surgery intervention for using in Wildfire
    I can't provide nformation abou other phones.
    Worth it
  • If you own Evo 3D or Sensation? Buy it!

    posted by Paradyme

    Charge your phone (or any other device you can attach to USB port) at 800mAh and an extra battery at same timeSo for one plug you can do the work of two and not need as big mess with cables and extension cords.Comes with an extra battery
    Extra battery seems to work roughly as well as the original one. That is, not last very long. For that reason it's much better to have two charged batteries with you, rather than just carry one.
    Worthwhile to buy, especially if you feel that your phone keeps on running out of battery. Or if you are looking forward to going on a long trip and prefer to keep the amount of devices and chargers you carry to a minimum
  • Looks fine

    posted by poweryura

    Looks like original Wildfire S A510 battery.
    The charger has bright lights so you can see if its charging or charged.
    Red ==============> Charging
    Blue ==============> Charged
    I suggest to buy it , if toy want really to safe your money
    I thought that it will be best
  • good battery charger for spare phone battery

    posted by remyh

    Does what it sais, charges your phone battery out of handy. You don't have to ceep your phone wired, just swap batterys and leave the empty one in charger. Also it is better for the battery, becouse it will alvays be charged all the way to the maximum. Keeping a spare fulll battery gives you the possiblity to keep using your phone when one battey is empty without having to look for a 230V current source. It has a good color indication led for charging and full
    It came with a battry, this was a pleasant extra, since it was not mentioned in the description, or I overlooked it
    A good thing to have such an extra charger. This way you can always use your cellphone even when your battery is empty and there is no charging possibilities available

    posted by sportstud1985

    The unit arrived very quickly Charger works with included battery plus the originalHas a convenient light to show charging and charged with different colors North America friendly
    It is a life saver when you lose your charge cable, or have two phones and one doesn't charge with the unit anymore!The convenience of having another battery that works at or around the same level as the original is a major plus.
    Amazing price, very efficient design, very easy to use

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