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hp laptops Customers Reviews

  • It's cheap, it works!

    posted by Dissidente

    It's way cheaper that ordering from the vendorIt just works!
    Just remains to be seen how it will cope with long term usage. These caps tend to be quite wearied with some users (for some tasks I do prefer trackpoint that touchpad), and after some years it won't just hold any grip. Hope this rubber is good on the long term
    As the title says... it's cheap and it works! Sure beats paying more when ordering from the vendor (also because in some vendors it's difficult to get a replacement)
  • Excellent product. Fully compatible with HP DV4.

    posted by marc1br

    Power Source 100% compatible with HP DV4. Excellent quality product. The pointer of the connecting cable is reinforced and difficult to crack or break.
    I really liked the product because it is 100% compatible with HP DV4 model. Also tested with HP G42 and charges normally. The energy source heats normally as the source of official power.
    Product a good finish. The pointer of the connecting cable is reinforced and compatible with the input of notebooks HP DV4. I recommend!
  • Really very good quality of PCB.

    posted by rsebela

    The same parameters as original part... Really very good quality of PCB. Connectors are the same as on the original part.
    The display of my laptop works bad (right half of them is dark). I need find reason why, because other part of laptop ale still on good condition. I had three ideas: bad LCD, bad inventor or bad lamp. But price of new LCD or lamp are very high. So I make test with new invertor and now I know, that bad part is lamp inside LCD.
    Nothing more to say... :-) If you need it, buy it... ;-)

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