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hot glue gun Customers Reviews

  • Good Hot Glue

    posted by warlock1212

    This hot glue is good. Its much longer then regular hot glue but whit a set of pliers you can cut it to a more manageable length.
    Hot glue has so many uses. I use it allot for fabric fastening ore electronics. Great to glue loudspeaker crossover parts to a bored. If you don't have a glue gun get one.
    Good and vary useful hot glue.
  • Great tool

    posted by DANEBO

    - CONTROLLED TEMPERATURE. Yes, it has got that. The heating unit, has a small thermocouple (kind of eletric heat sensor) coupled, that senses the temperature and is connected to a LM358 OPAMP in the Internal PCB (circuit board), that has also the temperature controller by feedback. It means a really reliable glue gun, with no over-heating risk and stable temperature.
    - As they already mentioned, the heating is Really Fast. Typically, about forty seconds or Less.
    - Correct sized aluminium Muzzle.
    - Works very well
    - Nice internal built. At least in mine one.
    - Neon lamp indicator backside is clear and Usefull. Stays ON while the gun is connected to the AC line.
    - Led indicator beside the temperature control lights while the heating element is turned on by the internal Auto-controller.
    - Seems to be really durable.
    - Decent body (just OK)
    - Good trigger mechanism
    - Temperature adjust in the left side is usefull and works fine too.
    - Almost do Not leak glue while Idle. Amazing.
    AC cord cable is just OK. The external look is good, and the internal construction is better than I expected. Be sure with the right type of glue stick, this glue gun will make you very satisfied.
    I'm happy with this purchase. Do not buy or even Look any other glue gun on DX. This present glue gun worths the Money. Buy This!
  • Heat glue gun

    posted by dexter0907x

    what is most impotrant, it is Double insulated, you really must not buy this things what are not Double insulated!
    I have to replace cable, becouse it's for US standards (I do not like convertors)...Suport 110V and 220V
    Takes glue sticks with the diameter of 10.8mm to 11.5mm and you cant use smaler.I'm verry satisfied with it. I recomend this SKUI will definitlu buy one more just for case :)Have a nice glueing:D
  • a good product.

    posted by JakoMeister

    A good value for this price. 2 glue bars. it works fine. It melts and stick very well. A good value, a good product. Ideal for your home DIY projects. Its better than buy glue tubs.
    Be sure to use the correct glue gun for this kind of product, it does not works with all kinds of glue guns. It works fine for 20 W glue guns. You can purchase it in dx.com a gun for this kind of glue. Obviously, dont touch the glue when it is hot, it could be dangerous.
  • Small but very effective Hot Glue Gun with switch

    posted by tangawiss

    Small and light-weight Glue gun. Very very fast warming (it's written on the box but I thought it was a commercial speaking !!!). Very useful selectable power by simple switch (15w/25w): you can quickly ad more heat when working !!!
    Good quality-price ratio.White coloredUse standard 7mm (the small ones) Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Gun Sticks (SKU: 73180 for exemple:)
    Small and effective quick warming Glue Gun. If needed, I recommend !

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