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  • A replacement for Minolta adapter FS-1100

    posted by Ulongh

    - Cheap price.
    - Good build quality.
    - This adapter changes MINOLTA, KONICA MINOLTA, and SONY ALPHA dedicated hot shoe to a standard one.
    - Has one available PC sync port, which makes using studio strobe possible without using radio and/or optical slave trigger.
    - Apparently, this adapter has safe-sync circuit, which makes the use of older external flash with high trigger voltage possible (not guarantee, take risk on your own).
    - Functionally, it is the same as the original Minolta flash hot shoe adapter FS-1100.
    - Has lock mechanism, which makes the adapter stay sturdy on the hot shoe.
    - Works perfectly as a replacement for Minolta flash hot shoe adapter FS-1100. This adapter let me use external flash with standard shoe with my KONICA MINOLTA DIMAGE A200.
    - Recommended to someone using MINOLTA, KONICA MINOLTA, and SONY ALPHA digital camera that has dedicated hot shoe type who consider using auto / manual external flash with standard shoe connector. This way would save money from buying dedicated flash, especially if you own an external flash already.
  • Handy 1/4" screw

    posted by stevenliemberg

    Great productAdjustable in many ways due to the two nuts on the screwIt Fits perfectly in my camera's hotshoe - I can really put on theight. I use it to mount my audio recorder, and can put that on very tight as well...
    Its very cheap in my opinion, I can't get something like this for this price in any store I know
    Great product and good solution if your looking for a way to mount an audiorecorder or anything else you can think of (with a 1/4" screw) to your hotshoe
  • Good for the price

    posted by tststs

    It's sturdy enough. I got two of them and the one has the upper screw come a little loose no big problem.
    Pretty good for it's price and perfect for the diyselfer.
    If you can find a stud for fixing on a camera tripod, then get it. Else you should buy beams from a photography store.
  • Sturdy umbrella and flash holder

    posted by missumlaut

    It it strong build of good plastic material. I am not afraid to put my valuables flash units on it. It fit on a flash stand or on a tripod mount with an added part. There is a hole for the umbrella. It have one degree of mobility to change position. This is needed to hold a flashgun on stand in portable studio situation.
    I have another model where the hole for umbrella is smaller, not so convenient. And Ihave lost a small attachement part so I needed another item. This model is better. This is a good product on the whole and work as intended, very usefull and compact. Could be easier to put at work.
    I need it and pray I dont loose the screws on the ground !
  • Very useful for combining with other tripod connectors

    posted by larking

    In itself it's not very useful, unless you want to connect a flash to a point-and-shoot that doesn't have a hot-shoe. Otherwise it works great with the monopod and clamps you can find on this site. Basically anything connecting with a tripod screw you can double up with this bracket, building lighting setup LEGO.
    Like a lot of items on DX, its hit and miss. Some are totally worth the money, some are a waste of time. But most of these things cost less than half of what you pay at home - so usually you break even!For the cost, this is definitely a good buy, but only if you can think of stuff to improvise with it.
    Buy it if you want to build custom light setups for really cheap.

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