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hook pack Customers Reviews

  • Great deal. Holds even on surfaces that are not completely smooth.

    posted by hailtondecastro

    Great deal. Holds even on surfaces that are not completely smooth, as in some types of tiles. I'm using some of them in my bathroom tiles and they never fall, even after days. It is really "Strong-Hold".
    Great deal. It would be great if they sold with all in white.
    Great deal. It is really "Strong-Hold". It would be great if they sold with all in white. I gave 4 for my mother in law and she liked very much. I intend to buy more and use the whole house.
  • Pretty nice set!

    posted by Niiorkl

    They're strong, not the most resistant but a beginner can handle them without risking to damage it too much.Tension tools are fine, but don't put too much force on them!
    I opened an old doorlock which keys were lost in less than a minute!
    A pretty good set of tools for beginners to discover how locksmith works, really good for beginners,
  • Good bait!

    posted by leloml

    The bait has good color, does a very good job in the background and realistic, perfect for fishing! Best places to calmer, by its weight, which is already included, but that is lightweight and if too much current is difficult to work with the bait and is easily carried by the tide.
    It already has a small weight in intention own bait, but how good is a shrimp to sea, then with the tide and currents would be better a higher weight, or heavier!
    I got to test it, and I liked the bait! It would be another option for fishing in the bay, rivers forming up and are calmer!
  • Works great with the robalo Brazilian

    posted by mquadros1

    Bait relatively inexpensive and very effective for robalos that are among the mangrove vegetation of the area.
    It is to be used with small spinning reels and small sticks, with line muitifilamento diameter 0.15 mm and 0.35 mm fluorocarbon leader. Shed between vegetation and let sink, giving little touches on the stick.
    I bought 10 units and possibly buy more exhausting.
  • Very usefull probes

    posted by matvs1

    Today I received these probes that can be used for Multimeter or Oscilloscope. They have send directly to my post box because the parcel is too small I did not go to the Post office.The parcel has 20 items.You can easy mount these probes to almost any element on the board.These Clip Probes easy clip even to SMD Capacitor.
    We can not connect these probes to the small SMD chip but they are sufficient, to use with small other components such as capacitors, resistors and other.
    I recommend buying this because these probes will help with your work.

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