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home adapter Customers Reviews

  • Good replacement and can fit many models

    posted by jasonteo

    Able to fit for many models, able to adjust the power so as to also fit the different devices. Not heavy, smaller than some of the original chargers. Great for usage if travelling around, just need to bring the correct plug, and leave all the rest of the charges at home...
    Can fit my other devices
    Not very expensive, good device, just slight compromise on the built quality, as it seems to be made of a thin casing. Other than that, it serves its functions well.
  • Very nice for connecting car stereo to phone

    posted by yrtimiD

    Very nice for streaming music from phone's player to the car stereo.Very small design, do not take much place.Works only while power connected and starts pairing mode if nothing connected, so no buttons needed at all. Acceptable sound quality for standard car stereo system. I'm personally do not feel difference between this and direct AUX connection.Package content:* Usb power cable (not a standard usb to miniusb, but usb to round plug)* Car USB charger (reusable with any other USB connection)* Audio cable 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack (not very best quality, but acceptable)* Audio cable 3.5mm jack to 2 RCA plugs
    Very nice for it's price and very convenient to have one in a car to not get tangled with cables

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