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holder samsung galaxy note

If you want to purchase holder samsung galaxy note, this is your best place to buy it. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Browse samsung galaxy note mount holder or samsung galaxy note cover to find what you are looking for. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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holder samsung galaxy note Customers Reviews

  • Good, but not great!

    posted by jonatasdh

    It is very nice, well done finishing. Holds the phone securely, even without the back cover.É muito boa, bem feito o acabamento. Mantém o telefone de forma segura, mesmo sem a tampa traseira.
    Could have more space for cards, and a cash tab more open or loose.Poderia ter mais espaço para cartões, e uma aba para dinheiro mais solta.
    It is worth the price, but could have a little more space. Vale a pena pelo preço, mas poderia ter um pouco mais de espaço.
  • Cool looking 'wallet' replacement

    posted by gesvo

    - Good quality- Leather feels good in hands, nice smell- Fits phone perfectly (just remember to put it in the right way, not upside down!)- Comes with pointer in rubber that works very well on the screen
    Point out where the pointer/screen-pen should be? Is there no room for it in the leather wallet?
    Very satisfied, once it finally arrived. Gives your Galaxy Note a professional look, very sophisticated.
  • Very handy device, no cons

    posted by Cancey

    If you need to use your phone as navigation device, this product is perfect for you. It is also very useful if you want to use your phone as a dash cam, and it can even be used as tripod if you want to use your phone as a regular camera! You just have to have a smooth surface to attach it to. It is cheap too.
    It's cheap, handy and doesn't really have any cons, what are you waiting for?
    It's a must have if you have a car and a Galaxy Note, really.
  • Got what I expected for good price

    posted by anchius

    Both items (holder and charger) came in one package. Mount Holder stick great on my dashboard (I am using special disk sticked on my dashboard). It is very easy to place Galaxy Note into holder using one hand. You can get it out with one hand easily too. But it doesn't mean the Note isnt sitting there tightly - I am using holder about a month and I hadn't any accident.The charger has retractable cord and it works as it should. I keep my charger all the time pluged in and then I need to charge I just get the cord out. It is comfortable.
    This combo is really worth its price. The mount holder is really well made and is easy usable. The charger could be better quality, but again, the price! :)
    It works, it's ergonomic and it is cheap. What else do you need from it? :)
  • Excellent Note 2 Mount

    posted by Jerubei

    Excellent stand - the solid short plastic arm does not allow for any movement of the phone, once placed on the windshield. The suction cup is strong and the stand has not fallen even once under the weight of the phone, during transit.
    Excellent product - I recommend it to Note 2 users. Do not buy mounts with long metal arms, as they vibrate considerably more - you may damage your phone, if it falls from the windshield.

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