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  • Great for heated build platform 3d printers

    posted by PieterNr1

    I needed something to 3d print on. And needs to be Heat Resistant. Well this did the job. Not only that the printed material does not stick to it after it cools down. That was exactly what i needed.
    When needed i can be removed it will leave no residue. It cloud also be used as a replacement for kapton tape but i did not try that
    If it would be wider 12cm it would be easier to apply. Now i need to add more than one layer but that it not a problem.
    Great value for money ! Ik will order more in the near future
  • Great high temp tape for an awsome price!

    posted by KreAture

    Narrow tape for those tight jobs.This is a high temp tape that withstands soldering-temperatures. It's also very thin allowing it to fit under components you need to insulate.
    It's a high temp tape, and it works...I even tested it with my soldering-iron and although you can stretch it a tad with heat, it does not melt. If ignited it is also self-extinguishing.
    If you need a narrow high-temp tape, look no further. Buy it.
  • Aseome!

    posted by Troquay

    Its a very sticky mat, its not only useful for the phone but also lighters key's or sun glasses. You don't need to lay it on a strait surfes cause if the phone only touches it for a bit it will not move and fall down your dashboard.
    It would be better to mate the bottom side stick more then the top side.
    If you don't want to have a broken phone you need to buy this.
  • A good replacement real time clock module for the DS1307

    posted by Darkblade48

    An excellent real time clock (RTC) that uses the Maxim DS3231 chip. It comes with temperature sensor so that any drifts in the RTC are corrected for. This is in contrast to the standard Maxim DS1307 that is more commonly used. The temperature correction in time drift is useful for projects where abnormally high/low temperature conditions are present and/or where accurate time is of utmost importance.The price is pretty good too; the DS1307 is usually around 2.50 USD, so for a few dollars more, you can have a much more accurate RTC.
    The RTC was not shipped in an antistatic bag, but was shipped in a normal plastic ziplock bag. A little worrying, since a little bit of ESD would probably have ruined the breakout board. Luckily, it seems to work just fine.There is no special library for the DS3231 chip; any library that works with the DS1307 will work with the DS3231 as well, so that is nice.
    A great RTC to get, for a good price. The price here on DX is much cheaper than if you were to buy it elsewhere. The permanently soldered battery is a bit of an annoyance, but can be remedied easily.
  • It's "Kapton" tape

    posted by EM745

    The little yellow "holder" tape has "Kapton" written on it, which suggests that this is the same polyimide film product DuPont sells :) . Rigid plastic (not cardboard) inner core.
    Roll was wider (diameter) than I expected (around 3.75" / 9.7cm). This is the 9mm width tape. Other widths are avaliable here at DX.
    I haven't used it yet, but I have no doubt it'll come in useful at some point. Use it when regular (black) electrical tape won't cut it because of expected high temps.


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