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  • Very nice!

    posted by BobNadal

    It came in two different collors so it is easily spotted on the drawer.They have two different sizes, so you can best use them as needs came by.You can use them on multiple tasks: from reaching bread on breakfast to cooking meat.
    It would be good if we could select collors, but that is not really an issue.
    If you like to cook, or do not like reaching things with your hands, it will be a good purchase.
  • Just like the original

    posted by richardgr

    The tape is just like the original. It's heat resistant and usually used to keep electronic parts in place and insulated. For example it's used in laptops to keep some wires in place or to tape a wireless card so it does not move or cause a short circuit. The original tape is more expensive (even without shipment costs) and even though the item seems to be a copy mine is still labeled Kapton just like the original :-)
    Have a look at the wikipedia site regarding Kapton and you will find answers to all questions regarding this item: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton
    Will buy again when I need more.
  • Aseome!

    posted by Troquay

    Its a very sticky mat, its not only useful for the phone but also lighters key's or sun glasses. You don't need to lay it on a strait surfes cause if the phone only touches it for a bit it will not move and fall down your dashboard.
    It would be better to mate the bottom side stick more then the top side.
    If you don't want to have a broken phone you need to buy this.
  • Cheaper, faster and better

    posted by DiosVengativo

    What can I say? The product comes very quickly, (10 days aprox) and is the exact product that I pay for.It works perfect and resists almost 250ºC (is the maximum temperature that I used to use).The size is ok, it's 16mm but do not know the length (and probably I will never know).
    The post was very fast... thanks a lot indeed.
    I recommend it for litle uses on Reprap's world.Look the other sizes to cover the hotted bed... this is very thin. It is a perfect size for nozzle or similar uses.
  • Kapton tape for cheap.

    posted by Skrenos

    Kapton tape for a great price. I've heard people complaining about receiving tape with garbage on the sides sticking to it or stuck labels, but I have none of those problems. The 2 rolls I received are spotless.
    This stuff is great if you work on laptops as they stick Kapton on wires and cables a lot of the times. I use it for BGA reballing by taping down solder stencils or taping down aluminum foil for heat protection.
    I think you can use Kapton to protect the heads of ink cartridges as the glue used won't clog them nor react with the carrier of the ink.
    Kapton tape for a low low price.

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