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high temperature tape Customers Reviews

  • Excellent

    posted by sicppy

    This tape is fantastic!
    Have used it many times for wave soldering process and withstands greater than 260 degrees celsius.
    Does exactly what I would expect from kapton tape.
    Does not shrivel or leave any residue, easy to peel after exposure to high temperatures.
    Very good for masking printed circuit boards.
    A great high temperature tape at an affordable price
    Great pricing, competing products from other stores is many times the price
  • Takes a heating and keeps on sticking

    posted by desolder

    This is the widest kapton tape which DX sells. It is excellent for insulating all sorts of stuff, and can even serve as a heatsink isolator for power transistors. It's very tough and can take a lot of abuse before breaking. And naturally it's very heat resistant, so it's perfect for use as a masking tape for soldering.
    Once it catches on fire, it REALLY burns quickly.
    This stuff is double the price anywhere else! Thanks DX for such a terrific bargain!
  • High temperature tape as advertised

    posted by Ghlargh

    It can withstand direct soldering (does not deforme if touched by a 350 C iron).
    Perfect for holding hot components in place while soldering.
    I tested this by attaching it to a copper plane on a board and proceeded to add solder to the plane, when done i removed the tape and there was a sharp straight line with no solder where the tape had been. Both the glue and the tape held up to 350 C direct contact.
    I also tried holding some bare copper wire in place while soldering them, works perfectly.
    Well... if you need a temporary fastening that can withstand high temperatures, this is for you.
  • Nice tape to use

    posted by ecotack

    Quite a nice heat resistant tape. Its the only heat resistant tape I have bought so can't offer comparison to others.It sticks OK and was resilient enough not to melt when I soldered wires to a component on top of it (using it to insulate a components legs from the heat sink it was glued to)
    Its quite a stiff tape, so it will not stretch like normal electrical tape. Using it to wrap something does not leave a neat finish like electrical tape would, but thats not what it is intended for.
    Its another DX product that has impressed me. Not something I've bough before, but something I am now regularly using.
  • Just like the original

    posted by richardgr

    The tape is just like the original. It's heat resistant and usually used to keep electronic parts in place and insulated. For example it's used in laptops to keep some wires in place or to tape a wireless card so it does not move or cause a short circuit. The original tape is more expensive (even without shipment costs) and even though the item seems to be a copy mine is still labeled Kapton just like the original :-)
    Have a look at the wikipedia site regarding Kapton and you will find answers to all questions regarding this item: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton
    Will buy again when I need more.


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