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high temperature tape Customers Reviews

  • Works

    posted by 00008

    Can indeed withstand high temperatures, even the glue. Won't melt if you hold a soldering iron to it. Perfect for insulating lipo battery terminals etc. It's cheaper from DX then when bought locally.
    It says its koptan tape. Funny, as there is such a thing as kapton tape too. (Also high temperature resistant)
    Get it if you need it.
  • good to isolate heat

    posted by mf2forever

    i have got it and use it for many things. this tape is good for isolating circuit or cables that might be a problem when it hot and hotter. i test it by ironing this tape, and this tape still protect the cable or circuit.very nice tool to have
    it's very good tool to have this. even you are not professional or technical repair guy.
    good tape with price, very good for heat resistance, better than ordinary tape, good for taping car cable, motorcycle, electric home appliance, or circuit cables
  • Like true kapton

    posted by diogocarvalho

    This tape is not fake, is just like the original. It handles 300ºC without problems. I have used it to fix a temperature sensor to a heater. Very useful to electrically insulating between components and the heatsinks. This tape can be used in masking of circuit boards during resoldering, transformer and capacitor insulation, powder coating and high temperature applications and other electronic manufacturing processes. Is a wider tape, good for large areas.
    it is a bit thinner than I expected
    Will buy again when I need more
  • Just like the original

    posted by richardgr

    The tape is just like the original. It's heat resistant and usually used to keep electronic parts in place and insulated. For example it's used in laptops to keep some wires in place or to tape a wireless card so it does not move or cause a short circuit. The original tape is more expensive (even without shipment costs) and even though the item seems to be a copy mine is still labeled Kapton just like the original :-)
    Have a look at the wikipedia site regarding Kapton and you will find answers to all questions regarding this item: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton
    Will buy again when I need more.
  • Insulation tape

    posted by VladimrS

    Thin film. High Temperature Insulation, works well inside LED bulbs.
    Adhesive is one side only. Strong tape. No stretch. Not transparent. My adhesive tape was shipped with Color yellow. The roll has some dust on the side (by the way it removes easily). The roll's base made of plastic. It some huge compare to regular insulation adhesive tape. Due to non-availability of stretching it should be used only in special cases(heat) where regular tape doesn't work.
    Isolate electrical things were a heat is nearby.

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