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high temperature adhesive tape

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high temperature adhesive tape Customers Reviews

  • Cheaper, faster and better

    posted by DiosVengativo

    What can I say? The product comes very quickly, (10 days aprox) and is the exact product that I pay for.It works perfect and resists almost 250ºC (is the maximum temperature that I used to use).The size is ok, it's 16mm but do not know the length (and probably I will never know).
    The post was very fast... thanks a lot indeed.
    I recommend it for litle uses on Reprap's world.Look the other sizes to cover the hotted bed... this is very thin. It is a perfect size for nozzle or similar uses.
  • The same stuff as Kapton

    posted by Knuckx

    Doesn't melt or combust if high temperatures are applied to it, like a soldering iron or hot air gun. Very sticky.Wide enough that it can be used for covering circuit boards easily.
    This is polyimide, the same stuff DuPont sell as Kapton. While the main material seems to be the same, I have no idea about the adhesive.
    Useful for taping down things while soldering and preventing parts from being lost or damaged when using a hot air gun. Works well for insulating parts that get too hot for normal electricians tape.
  • Nice tape to use

    posted by ecotack

    Quite a nice heat resistant tape. Its the only heat resistant tape I have bought so can't offer comparison to others.It sticks OK and was resilient enough not to melt when I soldered wires to a component on top of it (using it to insulate a components legs from the heat sink it was glued to)
    Its quite a stiff tape, so it will not stretch like normal electrical tape. Using it to wrap something does not leave a neat finish like electrical tape would, but thats not what it is intended for.
    Its another DX product that has impressed me. Not something I've bough before, but something I am now regularly using.
  • good product

    posted by edsoncfgarcia

    Cheap!!! Adhesive is very good! Elasticity is acceptable! Does not tear easily! This tape is not fake, is just like the original. It handles 300ºC without problems. I have used it to fix a temperature sensor to a heater. Very useful to electrically insulating between components and the heatsinks. This tape can be used in masking of circuit boards during resoldering, transformer and capacitor insulation, powder coating and high temperature applications and other electronic manufacturing processes. Is a wider tape, good for large areas.
    Should have been better in terms of heat isolation Electricity isolation is on par with other much more expensive products.
    Very good item because it's very cheap. Buy them if your usage is not critical!!! Polyimide (Kapton is a DuPont brand name) is not damaged by quite high temperatures, but it is not intended as a thermal insulator. In fact, many termally-conductive sheet materials used for mounting power semiconductors are made with a thin polyimide core coated on both sides with silicone or other material.
  • Great for heated build platform 3d printers

    posted by PieterNr1

    I needed something to 3d print on. And needs to be Heat Resistant. Well this did the job. Not only that the printed material does not stick to it after it cools down. That was exactly what i needed.
    When needed i can be removed it will leave no residue. It cloud also be used as a replacement for kapton tape but i did not try that
    If it would be wider 12cm it would be easier to apply. Now i need to add more than one layer but that it not a problem.
    Great value for money ! Ik will order more in the near future

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