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  • Insulation tape

    posted by VladimrS

    Thin film. High Temperature Insulation, works well inside LED bulbs.
    Adhesive is one side only. Strong tape. No stretch. Not transparent. My adhesive tape was shipped with Color yellow. The roll has some dust on the side (by the way it removes easily). The roll's base made of plastic. It some huge compare to regular insulation adhesive tape. Due to non-availability of stretching it should be used only in special cases(heat) where regular tape doesn't work.
    Isolate electrical things were a heat is nearby.
  • High temperature tape as advertised

    posted by Ghlargh

    It can withstand direct soldering (does not deforme if touched by a 350 C iron).
    Perfect for holding hot components in place while soldering.
    I tested this by attaching it to a copper plane on a board and proceeded to add solder to the plane, when done i removed the tape and there was a sharp straight line with no solder where the tape had been. Both the glue and the tape held up to 350 C direct contact.
    I also tried holding some bare copper wire in place while soldering them, works perfectly.
    Well... if you need a temporary fastening that can withstand high temperatures, this is for you.
  • High Temp Tape

    posted by stihl88

    Fantastic product to keep around the workshop. You can use this stuff for solder masking if you like because of the temperature rating it can handle the heat distributed from your soldering iron. I also use it to wrap up my Lipo Battery cells after ive made my own packs i just wind some tape between connections to stop any sparks flying
    Their are other sizes available also.
    If you need thermal resistant tape then buy this.
  • Good tape for electronics

    posted by Rakhil

    I tried to burn this tape with a lighter and a soldering iron and it withstood great punishment :)I think it will do its job properly, no problems.
    Keep in mind that the tape is really thin and also not very flexible, so it has a limited use in mechanical environment, I would recommend it mostly for electronics. I also think it is NOT fire retardant, don't use it somewhere near open flame.
    Good purchase, goesresist nicely along with other heat resistant tapes on DX website
  • Very typical high-temp tape performs well

    posted by fruzzetti

    Withstands high temperatures in an automotive setting (under hood attached to a supercharger).
    Holds up against various solvents pretty well.
    Withstands SMD soldering temperatures.
    I bought this tape to do some under-hood labeling in a supercharged car. The engine temperatures get pretty high but the tape holds fast. This kind of tape will typically degrade over time until the adhesive hardens and the tape falls off if disturbed. If the adhesive hardens and the tape is not disturbed it should last.
    Don't expect tapes like this to remain flexible; that's really not what high-temp tape is for. It's supposed to be applied in a fixed position as a fastener in a high-temperature environment. It's not for making improvised hinges or flaps, but for attaching stuff to non-moving parts. Use it for this purpose and it will do every job you need it to.


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