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  • Great high temp tape for an awsome price!

    posted by KreAture

    Narrow tape for those tight jobs.This is a high temp tape that withstands soldering-temperatures. It's also very thin allowing it to fit under components you need to insulate.
    It's a high temp tape, and it works...I even tested it with my soldering-iron and although you can stretch it a tad with heat, it does not melt. If ignited it is also self-extinguishing.
    If you need a narrow high-temp tape, look no further. Buy it.
  • Good product

    posted by aayala

    Good quality, sticky enough. I use this tape to isolate different electronic components. I tested the resistance to heat using a heat gun, the product supports more than 350 degrees Celsius. Also it was exposed to direct flame and takes very long to burn.
    This tape is not easy to find in my neighborhood, much less at this price. Good buy. Mine came in yellow, as it should be.
    Buy it, it never hurts if you work with electronics.
  • excellent tape

    posted by enry80

    cheap- real specification with more tolerance for hight temperature (300ºc over short times) but holds stick- very good indeed. the specification over the temp is really true and overpass the standard specified.it´s handy and I can use it again the piece of tape.
    -the glue in over-high temperature (over 275ºc) becomes muddy and gummy. -*slightest details*-it should be other size tapes with this fetures.-you can´t use it again the piece of tape if it was applied over temperature, the issue is the glue no the same tape.
    Very Good tape and cheap!
  • Just like the original

    posted by richardgr

    The tape is just like the original. It's heat resistant and usually used to keep electronic parts in place and insulated. For example it's used in laptops to keep some wires in place or to tape a wireless card so it does not move or cause a short circuit. The original tape is more expensive (even without shipment costs) and even though the item seems to be a copy mine is still labeled Kapton just like the original :-)
    Have a look at the wikipedia site regarding Kapton and you will find answers to all questions regarding this item: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapton
    Will buy again when I need more.
  • Really works at high temperatures

    posted by zmeios

    The best thing about this tape is that it really works well under high temperatures! I needed some to fix a contraption involving pumped air and a heater rod that gets very hot (I estimate over 400 Celsius at the business end). The tape did not even shrink! At those temperatures, regular masking tape loses its color, then shrinks, then starts to melt or worse yet - catches fire.
    This works perfectly for taping temperature sensors and repairing various electronic and kitchen devices that generate heat.
    Some people also use it to tape transistors to their radiators in electronic devices. I'd still recommend that - for better t conductivity - instead of tape, you use Mica insulators (available at hobby stores) and some thermal conductive paste. Mica is brittle, unpleasant to work with, and only comes in one color, but is a good insulator and is really great at conducting heat.
    Recommended to have around for a quick repair job, or DIY electronics. Any project that uses a thermal sensor (diode, thermistor, whatever) can benefit from this! Also good to stick a high-range thermometer to a workpiece in various hobby areas.


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