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  • Works great

    posted by Davidrm

    Installs eaasily.Provided drivers work. Immediately recognized by Windows 7.Best price for 4 ports on Deals Extreme.
    I tired item 125118 and it just wouldn't install the driver properly and when I finally got it ll installed, my sytem kept crashing randomly. This one installed easily, and works perfectly. In addition, it is $2 cheaper than the problem onee and this one has 4 ports instead of just 2.
    This is a very good product at a great price that installs easliy in Windows 7 and works fine. When copying one USB 3.0 hard drive to another USB 3.0 hard drive, it was giviine me rates just under 1GB/sec. This was far better than the 30 MB/sec I was getting with my USB 2.0 card.
  • decent buy

    posted by Praeterea

    -Price, relatively cheap-Speed- Sandisk (brandname)-looks decent
    I bought it for my smartphone and I am very impressed with the speed of it. Putting files on it from the PC happens at a speed of ~20 MB/s, which is a lot faster than expected. (class 6 ~ 6MB/s?) Also the adapter is quite useful.
    good choice, no regrets. Good enough for regular stuff like watching movies, listening to music etc from your phone. I should've bought one with a higher capacity though.
  • Nice small card reader.

    posted by commemoratives

    This is a great little pocket friendly card reader. It is larger than some, but that is a plus when it comes to inserting and removing it from a USB port. It works with all of my cards and is sturdy enough to carry in your pocket.
    The fact that the memory card protrudes a bit when inserted makes it easier to remove from the reader and isn't really a disadvantage. I have some readers which are much smaller and have broken them because they are so delicate.
    Nice and sturdy, easily carried with you so it is handy when you need it.
  • More than 10km range possible

    posted by sjhoeksma

    This transmitter has a very good range and is quite good to program. I contacted the supplier to get the specification and where very willing to help. Will upload documentation in forum
    If you don't need the range take the 4432-B it is smaller but has the same functionality
    If you need the range and can handel 5 and 3v connection this one will go over the 10km range
  • Cheap but functional

    posted by hafizal82

    At its price. Its very affordable. It is cheap enough to see it as replaceable. Cuts wood easily and thus far I do not see it warping from heat. Shipped to Singapore in about 3wk-4wks time from time of order.
    None at the moment
    Its value for money. Most bits on the dremmel will break or wear off eventually so this is an easy cheap replacement for my use. I mainly used it for making dowel joints and shaping dove joints.


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