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  • Good for its price

    posted by Badger

    I was looking for a solid multi-tip screwdriver because the one I had before wasn't very solid and lacked some tips. This one is inexpensive, solid, and comes with many different tips (1x flat-head, 1x tri-head, 3x Philips, 4x Torx). I think the Torx are 4-7 or something, but not 3.The screwdriver has a nice rubber grip, and feels well made--definitely worth its price.
    The inconvenience mentioned above is countered by the decent price this screwdriver has, as well as the build-quality. It is definitely a handy tool, and a great way to acquire one of the screwdriver tips if you're lacking that specific one (like the Torx). With DX's free shipping it is so much better than buying a dedicated tool somewhere else.
    Handy tool, just takes some time to put the heads back in when you want to swap them.
  • Very good quality - a bargain for the price

    posted by Sherlock3

    The quality of this strap is surprisingly good for the price. The only way you will break the string is by cutting it with a sharp object - there is no way it is going to just snap. The plastic components do not feel brittle at all are made of good quality plastic. It adjusts easily to fit fit your wrist. The metal hook is on a swivel and is also sturdy and good quality
    I have bought straps for $1.00 but I do not trust them because the ends are very thin and they feel like they will snap if you tug to hard on them. Now that I have found this strap, I will not buy the cheaper ones
    Absolutely no complaints about this item - it is cheap and it is very good quality. If you are looking for a strap that will last a long time, I highly recommend this one
  • Great little BNC plug connector

    posted by Darkblade48

    A very handy item to have around, especially if you need to connect items that require a BNC plug (security cameras, pH probes, etc).The fact that it goes from BNC to a screw down adapter (i.e. if you have two wires), means that you can connect things together without having to solder, which is very handy. Sometimes soldering is just a hassle to deal with, and this item solves that hassle quite nicely.
    Useful if you need to hook up (say) a security camera to another device or if you have a need to hook up a BNC device in a DIY project.
    A good overall purchase for a reasonable price. The item does what is advertised, and works reasonably well.
  • lock picks

    posted by uberfranz2

    I bought those lock pins quite a while ago and have been waiting to write this review, just to say this is not a 5 stars review of eagerness.
    The pick locks came in a nice leather like bag, and I must say there are loads of them!
    with these in your hands you can play with all the locks you have at home, they are nice and solid. The variety helps you open litterally every lock. A very nice product.
    If you wanna have fun opening your locks just like Mc Giver, buy it.
    buy it, you wont regret!
  • lot of screen protectors in low price

    posted by zhaniko

    *lot of screen protectors and this is enough for very long time.*low price for 30pcs of screen protectors.*very high quality.*glossy/transparent*30pcs of cloths (30pcs of cloths and 30pcs of screen protectors.*it's comes organized and this is exact amount.
    the cloths can be a little more quality.
    the screen protectors worth the price.exact amount of screen protectors and cloths.

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