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  • This is the best 4x4x4 in the market

    posted by RicardoConsonni

    - This is a Maru cube, the absoulte best 4x4x4 in the market.- Smooth turning, precise movement.- Cuts corners very well, great for speedcubing.- High quality plastic, vinyl stickers.- Comes with a plastic base, and lubricant to make it turn even smoother.
    If you know how to solve a 3x3x3 and a 5x5x5, this is your next step. This cube has a lot of parity patterns, and is a lot more challenging.
    If you want the best 4x4x4, look no further. This is it.
  • Simply brilliant

    posted by Sedai1

    - This is a very high quality product
    - The tiles are not stickers, so they won't wear out
    - Turning the cube is smooth, it's not too tight or too loose
    - Comes with extra middle tiles with
    - Comes pre-lubricated
    - Ideal for speed-cubing
    - To learn how to solve it, check out Dan Brown's tutorial on Youtube (username pogobat)
    - Trivia: Rubik's cube is the world's top-selling puzzle game with over 350 million cubes sold worldwide
    - Trivia2: You can solve the cube from any situation in only 20 moves.
    - Just buy it.
  • Nifty Little Gadget

    posted by mctammer

    - Metal hardware- Good quality fabric and velcro- Solid positive locking on buckle
    I bought this keychain expressly for the quick-release buckle so that I could use it to make my own gun sling. It's the perfect piece and at an excellent price. The hinge on the buckle is quite tight and requires a bit of force to open but I'm hoping that it'll loosen up over time.
    Great product for an excellent price.
  • Good for reparing/soldering

    posted by PidgeyBE

    The wires inside this cable are 3 standard copper wires, which are easy to solder. They are not double isolated like for example Sennheiser wires do...So if you want to repair a headset or so, this cable is great!
    I've used 1/2 of this cable to fix my Sennheiser headset (the jack was broken) and now it works perfectly again!
    If you have to repair something, or if you have to replace an audio jack somewhere and you want easy-to-solder wires, then buy this cable and cut it in half :)
  • Great little BNC plug connector

    posted by Darkblade48

    A very handy item to have around, especially if you need to connect items that require a BNC plug (security cameras, pH probes, etc).The fact that it goes from BNC to a screw down adapter (i.e. if you have two wires), means that you can connect things together without having to solder, which is very handy. Sometimes soldering is just a hassle to deal with, and this item solves that hassle quite nicely.
    Useful if you need to hook up (say) a security camera to another device or if you have a need to hook up a BNC device in a DIY project.
    A good overall purchase for a reasonable price. The item does what is advertised, and works reasonably well.


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