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high precision Customers Reviews

  • Nice clock

    posted by flip101

    Has all the information you want visible. Blue light is really nice and it helps visibility. Overal the design is really nice. The hygrometer and thermometer worked well. Clock is adjustable on year/month/day and will find the corresponding day of the week.
    Didn't test the alarm functionality
    Overal a really nice clock for example in the office or next to your bed. Good design, has a lot of functionality and works well.
  • How to assemble the LC - meter with battery with your hands

    posted by IgorRostov

    This is a very usefull, precise device.
    Can be used as a supporting device in the home laboratory. It works and does what it is supposed to do. My friends asked me to byu few devices for them too.
    How to assemble the LC - meter with battery withyour hands.Russia, Rostov-on-Donhttp://youtu.be/RUjWC84wMq8
  • Awesome driver

    posted by tweakerxp

    Great build quality, it feels like a solid driver and the rubber grip is a nice addition. I had to dock a point though, because the bits move in the holder. There is a decent assortment of bits as well. Also, the bits don't rattle very much in the holder.
    My screwdriver had some scratches on and near the tip, hopefully yours wont.
    Awesome little driver. Get this over SKU 3548 or 3550.
  • Seal of approval

    posted by ForTheApes

    + Cheep price+ Good quality+ English instructions+ Back lit clear display
    At first look it seams to be flimsy, not super.But after calibration, and getting to know the tool its quite satisfying.Just make sure to turn it of after use, because it will suck the battery dry.
    For this price, its a great product. Have a cheaper one (yellow one, that I ordered from ebay) that is a lot lower quality, this one is fairly sturdy and I'm glad for my impulse purchase.
  • High precision for a low price!

    posted by Tinymini

    High accuracy for a low price, exactly what I needed.
    Normal price for 0,001g accuracy cost around 50$.
    English manual and easy to operate and calibrate with the English manual.
    Includes calibration weights 10g and 5g.
    Includes batteries, and tweezers.
    The best box I ever received from DX.
    Good LCD display.
    Many units g, gn, dwt, ct.
    A nice cover.
    It's very cheap and excellent for poor people like myself.
    I bought it for weighting chemicals and this product was perfect.
    Free shipping is always a plus.
    It's very cheap, but also very good quality.
    I have used this scale for 2 months and it still use the old batteries I got from DX.
    I own 3 scales from DX and this one is the best.


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