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  • Short on documentation.

    posted by sworteu

    Can be aimed towards the sky. Is very easy to mount. Comes with all you need except for documentation (a cd is there but it doesn't tell you how to connect).
    Connection documentation is:Red: 5voltTiny Black: GNDThick black:Unknown (please let me know!)White: Tx (put this in a serial RX)
    Could be better, but i must say it works. However it's hard to know exactly how to connect it and make it work perfectly if some wires are unknow.
  • Solid driver

    posted by tweakerxp

    This is the ONLY screwdriver I have received from DX where the bits don't move.The Bits are nice and long and should be useful if the screws are recessed.There is a decent assortment of bits and the twisting cap is a nice feature.
    Mine was gold in colour, so if you're expecting blue, you may be out of luck.

    Watch your surroundings when you remove the cap for the first time, the lube goes flying.
    Great little driver.
  • High precision for a low price!

    posted by Tinymini

    High accuracy for a low price, exactly what I needed.
    Normal price for 0,001g accuracy cost around 50$.
    English manual and easy to operate and calibrate with the English manual.
    Includes calibration weights 10g and 5g.
    Includes batteries, and tweezers.
    The best box I ever received from DX.
    Good LCD display.
    Many units g, gn, dwt, ct.
    A nice cover.
    It's very cheap and excellent for poor people like myself.
    I bought it for weighting chemicals and this product was perfect.
    Free shipping is always a plus.
    It's very cheap, but also very good quality.
    I have used this scale for 2 months and it still use the old batteries I got from DX.
    I own 3 scales from DX and this one is the best.
  • Handy screwdriver set

    posted by defree

    Nice small set of 12 differend screwdriver heads and a solid metal body in which you can store 5 of the 6 bits (one has two).I was surprised that it even has a tigram (or similar) head. I tried and it does work on Nintendo's screws.
    Nothing to add I guess.
    Nice and cheap little screwdriver set with 12 differend driver heads.
  • Great Flow Sensor

    posted by NektariosSp

    This flow sensor is great for measuring liquid flow. It works easily. Just connect the Red and Black wires to + and - leads, respectively and count the pulses on the white wire. It works fine on 3.3 Volts (micro-Controller use), as well as higher voltages (e.g. 12 Volts DC).
    Some times, when the rotation speed is too high, the wheel inside the sensor halts. It looks like there are no ball bearings on the rotation axis, but pillow blocks. This may make this sensor not quite good for very high flow rates or gas flow.
    This sensor is great for DIY projects. Next better is an industrial sensor - undebatably not for the same amount of money - and then, it is the Doppler sensor.


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