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high power usb Customers Reviews

  • Awesome range

    posted by langlo94

    - Extreme range, I was able to connect to a network over 4.000m away (4km); though this was somewhat unstable, I had a clear line of sight and I had doubled the power.- It is small and portable, granting it a permanent place in my computer bag, when not in use ofcourse.- The antenna can be detached, allowing you to both connect the antenna to another device and to connect another antenna to this device.- You can double the voltage using a two input one output cable, recommended for long distances.
    Buy this if you own a computer.
  • Excellent USB Wifi Adapter

    posted by Naisspas

    Very small adapterExcellent transmission and receive levelSmall clip for more stabilityI was using an 'old' DLink 802.11g PCI Card (WDA-2320). Since I use this new one, I detect 2 new network in my neighbourhood, and my own network increased from 70% to 100% (-17dbi)
    Excellent for updating old Wifi adapters
  • Genial articulo original

    posted by marmacan

    The scope having 2000w is real I had a 1000w and this kasens Alfa exceeded the very good whenever it detects networks and even do audits. best of breed and the chip is ideal for wireless connections
    It is no time to say anything more about this article, what I read and have been recommended by people who have bought this board say it works great
  • Powerful charger

    posted by Teyrtaos

    That's a very powerful charger to charge up to five devices with a total maximum output of 5A.The case is very well built and looks nice to me. It has rubber stands to avoid slippering.There is a power button and a blue power LED when it is turned on.The circuit board is very well soldered.
    Plug devices according to the indications on the case (2A or 1A) as the electronics aren't the same for these plugs.
    This is a very nice and powerful device to charge all my devices. Even with the small issues I would buy it again.
  • Good Product

    posted by marc369ath

    - Powerful transmitter, not sure if it is 1000mW though.
    - Amazing reception compared with the built in antenna of my Laptop.
    - RealTek 8187L and RTL8225 chipset.
    - High Gain Dish Directional Antenna, very useful if you have to penetrate 5 walls or to aim a specific location.
    - No overheating problems.
    - The transmitter has a nice slick design with a detachable clip.
    - Perfect for injection and monitor on BT 3/4.
    - Windows 7 64 bit found it, and installed the drivers without needing the CD.
    - You can use the antenna dish on any Wifi router that has a detachable RP-SMA connector antenna.
    - Comes with "Back Track 3 (Spoonwep2)" software CD.
    - Transmitter dimensions, length 7.5cm (8cm with the connector), width 6cm, height 0.8cm in the middle, 1.2cm on the edges (without the clip)
    - Should have a USB "Y" connector cable to get more power from the USB port.
    It works perfectly and has a great quality / price. Recommended purchase.

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