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  • This is what the big manufacturers use

    posted by ZdenekJi

    This tape is definitely not fake, I have tried to burn through it with a soldering iron set to the max temperature where the solder readily crusts and the tape just merely bent under it and was shiny again after wiping.It is worth mentioning that this is the THIN variety of such tape, as seen on connectors in hi-tech electronics. If you want a thicker tape, buy sku.5101 which I also bought.These tapes also have a curiously well-sticking glue making them ideal even for not-so-hot areas, you just can rely on them staying put.
    I will be using this to insulate soldering joints in my future home-made Li-Po battery packs.
    If you are into DIY stuff, what are you waiting for?
  • excellent tape

    posted by enry80

    cheap- real specification with more tolerance for hight temperature (300ºc over short times) but holds stick- very good indeed. the specification over the temp is really true and overpass the standard specified.it´s handy and I can use it again the piece of tape.
    -the glue in over-high temperature (over 275ºc) becomes muddy and gummy. -*slightest details*-it should be other size tapes with this fetures.-you can´t use it again the piece of tape if it was applied over temperature, the issue is the glue no the same tape.
    Very Good tape and cheap!
  • Very resistant tape

    posted by Nic00

    As they says there it's a good quality tape, very resistant, I use it to fix some pc components, and also my motobike parts. It handles very well the heat, and doesn't melt or brake. Good and cheap product
    Because is not veri width you have to spend a little bit more of tape in any use, but the quality compensate it
    Very useful, not too expensive, high quality tape, heat resistance works very well, very tough, you have tu cut it with scissors, can't break it with hand.
  • Great for heated build platform 3d printers

    posted by PieterNr1

    I needed something to 3d print on. And needs to be Heat Resistant. Well this did the job. Not only that the printed material does not stick to it after it cools down. That was exactly what i needed.
    When needed i can be removed it will leave no residue. It cloud also be used as a replacement for kapton tape but i did not try that
    If it would be wider 12cm it would be easier to apply. Now i need to add more than one layer but that it not a problem.
    Great value for money ! Ik will order more in the near future
  • Good Performing cooler

    posted by Smokin-Whale

    - Good cooling performance in comparison to the stock intel cooler. - Very easy installation. Took me 15 seconds.- The 90mm fan pushes the hot air from the CPU directly into the rear exhaust fan or into power supply, so heat doesn't build up in your case.

    - This cooler directly touches the CPU heatspreader with it's heatpipes, for improved thermal conductivity.

    - The 90mm Fan installed pushes a considerable amount of air, and has yellow rubber things to keep it in place and reduce vibration at the same time.

    - Comes with thermal paste pre-installed, but I wiped this off and used AC5 for my testing.
    Tested with a Celeron D 347 @ 3.9 Ghz, with the stock intel cooler it idled at 37 degrees and under load was 48 degress. With this cooler it idled at 29 degrees and was under load at 38 degrees.
    Very good cooler if you are planning on some mild overclocking or you have a very hot chip. Worth it.

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