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high gain wifi antenna

Every single high gain wifi antenna displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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high gain wifi antenna Customers Reviews

  • Works but is not easy to install

    posted by NelsonNicolini

    It does what intent to do: amplifies the wi-fi signal reception. It has a 1 meter USB cable to positioning the antenna in a better place.
    I use Windows Vista 64 in my notebook and the realtek drive (15 Mb compressed) I dowloaded worked pretty fine. Better if it were recorded on supplied CD.
    My notebook has a built in wireless device and the wi-fi signal were always weak. Now, with this GSky the signal is strong and steady.
  • It does provide signal gain

    posted by romaneth

    Well, In few words I like it, instead of spreading RF spectrum widely, it narrows beam to one area. I couldn'y measure exactl increase but it may be as suggested 6-8dbm. I'd purchased it to beam wifi to my android TV sku.66302 I'm anticipating to arrive soon.
    It's easy to use with any standard Wi-Fi router. Now instead of broadcasting to entire house, I focus RF beam exactly where needed. Good buy.
    Worth buy.
  • Excellent and Smart product

    posted by Javier2013

    Very affordable quality product, easy to install and good general performance overall.Fast easy installation.Network performance increased enormously once pointed to the link location.High connection improvement at a very low cost.
    WiFi signal can be very susceptible to weather changes, trees in the way.. etc.. Choosing this type of aerial can save you money, and give the right desired performance if used correctly, or finding the right installation location.ISP Router located at 76 metersPing to router : 4 miliseconds, with 0 packets lost.Very stable and fast connection.
    Serviced by DX.com with excellent customer support, delivey to Spain took less than expected.Would recomend to anyone wanting to stablish a stronger and more stable wifi link.
  • Wifi Aerial

    posted by Headmaster

    Get this antenna if you want to pick up loads of wireless connections. Bought it because I needed better reception. I had noticeably better signal strenght and better link quality. If you want to pick up WEP, WPA, WPA2 and then decode this is the kiddy for you. It may not be up to everyones standard but its a step in the right direction..
    Can't think of any really! Will be setting up a WiFi link soon. Would be better if it was a higher db... But you can't pick it too much..
    Buy one and give it a go. You won't look back...
  • Could be better...

    posted by orikron

    Really 8dB
    Really directional
    Realmente 8dB
    Realmente direccional
    Ideal to replace the antennas that come standard on most devices, as they tend to be 2-3 dB.
    Ideal para sustituir las antenas que vienen de serie en la mayoría de dispositivos, ya que suelen ser de 2-3 dB.
    If you want to increase lightly your signal ¡buy it!
    Si quieres incrementar un poco tu señal ¡Comprala!

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