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high efficiency module Customers Reviews

  • VMP3111

    posted by sohman

    - easy to solder- simple output voltage selection with one resistor- high efficiency (in the optimal current range)- reasonable price- very few external components required
    The efficiency seems to be highest (over 90%) when the output current is about 700 mA
    If you have an application that needs a regulated power supply between 1 and 3.3 V with a current requirement of around 700 mA and ease of use and price is more important to you than circuit board area you will be very happy with this device. It does work for lower and higher currents too but the efficiency is lower in those scenarios.
  • Useful DC-DC converter for small projects.

    posted by psobey

    - Compact profile (25.4x15x4mm)- Surface mount type- Switched mode power supply hence good efficiency- Will handle up to 24V input.
    Pin 1 is an Enable pin. If left unconnected this floats high and this is fine. If you do connect it to logic it is limited to 5V and can be used to turn the power off by pulling it low. You will also need to have 5V to turn the unit on before you can get the 5V from the unit itself. Chicken and egg.This can be solved with a 5V zener diode and a resistor but this is a very lossy way of providing 5V and if you are using this unit I suspect that you are trying to limit power consumption.There is also a VMP-3203 unit which has an output of 3W max.
    Do not forget to use the input and output capacitors as specified in the spec sheet. A very neat power regulator for home designed PCBs using Arduinos or similar 5V projects where the input voltage can be anything from 8.4V LiPo to 14.4V PbAcid.
  • Good DC-DC converter for LED lightning fixtures

    posted by H3PO4

    + relatively small footprint
    + acurate output voltage (4 pieces I have bought do vary only +/- 2%
    + exactly what I needed (power source for LED lights/ home made strips)
    + the ENable pin can be used to switch this via e.g. ttouch switch or low voltage (in my case I can use 5V to turn it on/off, so even if somebody decided to use the fixture with wet hands, the switch is only connected to 5V, so no big deal)
    + low idle consumption and no hat issues - so you can let it turned on as long as you wish.
    Be careful not to order version with voltage that differs from your needs.
    Perhaps one with easily adjustable output voltage in a small range (like +/- 0.25V) would be a nice touch...
    I have bought this to drive several (50+) LEDs in paralel and it does the job.

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