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  • Order two...

    posted by timotheus

    -Nice fan, I used it to replace passive cooling on my gfx card.
    -Pretty straightforward to install, however it required some fiddling.
    -Pretty quiet.
    -Lowers temps pretty decently.
    It's a good product, but has some quirks and you're better off ordering 2 from the get-go to make sure they arrive in (near) working order.
  • Good buy

    posted by luisfloriani

    The product works perfectly. The speed control is done by own graphics card. The velocity increases as needed, when you are playing for example. There are products that are connected to the motherboard and speed is always stays at maximum. This is not the case.
    Installation is simple. Is very quiet and has a good appearance.
    The price is good. The product is good. Is a good buy.
  • It works

    posted by Vebjer

    -It works. It doesn't do wonders - don't expect that, but it keeps the laptop cooler than without the fan. The temperature decreased about 3-4 celsius on my computer
    -Looks stylish
    -You can tighten it and untighten it easily
    -Low noise
    -Small and light, very portable
    It's rather difficult to attach if you don't untighten the clips first. You have to turn the wheel to the right to loosen it, and remember to press the little button/lever before you attach it :)
    It's worth the money. Good air flow to be at such a low cost. It's a fairly good product!
  • Does what it's supposed to.

    posted by mikes78

    This device does what it is supposed to and keeps your drives a llittle cooler by pushing air across the circuitboard. I noticed that the hard drive temp was about 15' cooler within the hard drive monitoring tools and the top of the drive was noticeably cooler to the touch.
    Mind you i do have a lot of gear in this case and this was one of a number of things i did to mitigate a lot of heat output from a number of drives. But i can confirm it does do it's job, and reasonably quietly too. It wouldn't matter if it wasn't that quiet as my case is far noisier than this thing will ever be.
    Power connector was fine, considering it where it's connected to it won't cause any additional headaches as you just plug this into the drive your using and the psu into this. Unless you have a sata drive then you may have a slight headache with this.
    Did what i needed it to do, cheaply and has done so for a new months now without issue.
  • Good keychain holder

    posted by ravem

    A good keychain, the locking mechanism is operated trough a small paracord loop that I will change vith someting else. There is a piece of velcro holding the split ring.Overall seems solid, will try it with my huge load of keys.
    I will probably change the split ring with a bigger one, or add somesplit rings since I have a huge amount of keys to keep.If it works I will buy another one..
    It's overall a good buy.

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