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  • It's great

    posted by hernav

    It comes pre-formated, ready for use, you don't have to format before use it.Fast transfer data speed, useful to transfer huge data amount in a short time.Includes a free subscription for recovery data loss software.
    As far as data transfer rate is concern, I check several file partition system(fat32, exFat and NTFS), I reach the higher speed using NTFS file partition system.
    According to manufacturer this card is water-proof, temperature-proof, shock proof, X-Ray proof but I'm not risk to prove it.
  • Great SD Card

    posted by leandrex

    - Low price- Big storage size (real checked 16Gb; not a faked card)- Many applications (HD videorecording, OS drive for Raspberry Pi and the like)- Legit product (Trascend)
    I bought this SD card to use it as main storage in a Raspberry Pi, and it looks like it will be an excellent choice. The storage size is perfect for the OS and for storing media files to play through the Pi.Another perferct application would be for HD video recording, as 16 GB can store really big video files.
    The perfect choice for handheld devices where big storage size is a must.
  • it works

    posted by c0wy

    cheap - in my country I wouldn't get one of these for less than US$30~40.works like a charm.
    works well, does what needs to be done. i'm planning on buying another one on my next order.I bought it for photography intent, the burst rate was increased and the transfer time from card to computer was faster.I have waited until i had the chance to put it to work properly and not just test shots to post my review, it worked, no errors or the like. I actually filled it with files on purpose, I just got it out when the camera said it couldn't load any more pictures in it. no corrupted files, no nothing. totally worth it.
    it's worth the money spent. just buy it.
  • interesting product

    posted by tg0bv7c73uk6tsn

    overall good speed especially in read mode- read : 20 Mo/s- write : 7.2 Mo/s
    write speed is the most disappointed part of this productI'm interested by this item : http://www.dx.com/p/genuine-samsung-class-10-micro-sd-tf-card-16gb-118330higher and similar read/write speed...
    speed tests were achieved in raw brute force manner- read : cat /dev/micro_sd_card_device > /dev/null- write : cat /dev/zero > somewhere_on_micro_sd_card
  • Very fast - very good

    posted by clovisgtl

    Very fast, it likes as genuine. Good transfer rate. Rock, well packed.Pack full. Good apearence.Transfer is very, very fast. My fast SD card, until now.It is all ok. No problems.Run perfect.
    Use it on DVR car, P500 Nikon and T810 Olympus. It is all ok. No problems.Run perfect.
    If you want a very speed SD card, this is the best option on DX, for 32GB size. I will buy a 64GB ou 128GB in the future.If you need one, buy it.Recommended.

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