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  • Excellent and bright Night Light

    posted by gargamel2

    Light is excellent for lighting the room during the night.Build quality is very good.Light has a nice circle shape and distributes the light evenly in the room.Light sensor is good and sensitive.Instruction manual is good.
    DX, Please add an EU plug version to the product.Nice to see different colors are available too.
    Excellent product.Good build quality and strong.Worth the price.Need an EU plug type.
  • Works great(its solder, by the way)

    posted by Cameron86

    Its decent quality solder.
    I used this to solder a replacement DS power switch(sku.15610) and it worked great.
    It you need some affordable thin solder, this is great.
    I usually don't have a problem with the 500 character limit in my reviews, but finding 500 characters to review solder is pretty hard.
  • Very simple and very cheap!!

    posted by IronManu

    These 7-segment displays are very useful, very small and with a very good brightness. Leds inside use a common cathode, so you only have to use one resistor to connect the display to your board.
    In my case, I have implemented a simple library to work with this 7-segment display. You can select if it use common cathode or anode and, after that you select the 8 pins of the display. So, finally, I work with this display as an LCD, sendind command like "print" and so on.With this library, I very simple to use.
    Summarizing, it works very well and it is a very cheap product.
  • Good lamp

    posted by angelbla

    Great lamp. Bought it for the bathroom. Although I thought it was going to be a bit dim... no way. Plenty of light, much more than I thought. I was surprised by the extremely wide angle of the light. Covers all my bathroom with only one lamp. Brings a huge heat sink above so no problems with heating are expected.
    Light is typical cool light. I prefer a warmer light but it's just a matter of preference. Not a con at all. I wish they made this lamp in a warmer color. As others have noted, springs are not very strong, but the lamp weights only 500g. They do their job without any problem.
    Good buy. Better than expected. Works nicely

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