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  • good battery, thick phone

    posted by MurtyNO

    Good capacity (nearly twice as original battery)Fits perfectly, maybe a bit to perfect ;) (see: cons)Good quality: Feels like the real deal, no way to tell this is a non-original.
    good value. The battery issue is fixed, no more charging every day.
    Tired of short battery life? Then this would be the right product for you. Yes, it makes your phone look pregnant and takes up lots of space in your pocket. But all-in-all it's worth it for the massive extra battery time. I used to charge my phone every day, now i can use it for another day before recharging.
  • More than two days battery life!

    posted by Peter_Elzinga

    - Improved battery life time from a maximum of 1 day to two ore more depending on use of phone- The cover fits great and gives a good grip
    If you care about your friends opinion, don't buy this battery as it will make your phone almost twice as thick. P.s. If your friends have a iPhone, ignore them :P
    Great quality vs. price. If you use your Samsung Galaxy 1 a lot, this is a must have to keep your phone alive for more then one day!
  • great battery

    posted by k3n007

    Extended long usage battery .will last two times longer than the HTC standard battery. Come with customized cover. Will fit the HTC standard battery but not cellular case.
    Bought at $11.7 dollars ,found cheaper price elsewhere after purchased. Filled price matching form . The dx.com quickly changed to lower price. But I can not received any credit due to already purchased
    Excellent battery. Recommended buy.
  • Excellent high capacity replacement for the Xperia

    posted by puterfixer

    The LCD screen of the Xperia Arc is notorious for the fast discharge of the original ultra-slim battery. Add the WiFi or 3G usage, and the thin battery will barely last for a few hours.This high capacity battery allows you to fiddle with your phone all day long. With moderate screen usage, phone calls and even GPS positioning, it keeps the phone running for several days before asking to be plugged in.The back case looks great and doesn't crack easily. It doesn't get in the way of the camera or the LED; your pictures will come out as great as ever. It even has a duct for the 2nd microphone at the back of the phone, used for noise cancelling.
    You should be careful not to cover the 2nd microphone hole while talking; takes a bit of practice to avoid this.In order for the phone to correctly evaluate the capacity and charge level of the battery, ideally the phone should be rooted and the battery stats file deleted. There's an application for that in Google Play.Be prepared with jokes in response to cheeky comments from your friends regarding the thickness of your phone, but then show it off at the end of a busy day, or after two or three days of mountain hiking without a charge.
    One of the best additions to a great phone.
  • Great Purchase!

    posted by strayheart

    Great replacement or extras for your SGS! The battery life is noticeably longer. I can watch a full HD movie and use only 10-15% and the movies I watch are about 2 hours long each. I can also listen to music during work while I do my patrols. and I do 12 hours shifts... by the time I get home, I still got 30%-40% left
    This is useful as a backup or a replacement depending on how you can deal with the fat extended part of the battery.
    Great buy, would definitely recommend it to other SGS owners.


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