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  • Good device

    posted by JhaaFI

    - very, very bright. I can believe that the 3200 lumen brightness is accurate. Q- Quite nice color temperature... Just the tint is bit greenish.
    The connector is missing the little plastic things that define which way you should install the plug. Now you have to just guess which side is negative and which side is positive. Luckily nothing breaks if you install it wrong way. Just doesn't work until you switch it opposite way.
    For the price good lights, not very easy to install because of not so good connectors, but works fine. The slow cold start doesn't matter that much, because when warm, starts much faster.
  • Greate savings on DX as usual

    posted by ebrustad

    Not to much to say about a light bulb. It, works, Same shape and size as the standard require. 6000K colour is probably correct, as this new bulb have the same colour as the repalced one had when new.
    If you are able to change this bulb yourselve, you look at a great saving by purhasing from DX.com.Original Bulb from Citroen cost USD 255,-
    Save more than USD 500,- by changing bulbs yourselves. A lot of money to spend on other cool stuff at DX.COM
  • :O) sweeeeeet

    posted by ptorres82

    Are you kidding me? Im buying more of these right now !!! YOU GET TWO FOR LESS THEN $20 ! These lights come wrapped up in foam to keep it from breaking. The wires and connections are just the same as the expensive HIDs. BEST LIGHTS EVER AND BEST PRICE EVER ! ! !
    I've bought the extra lights from other online places but they cost more then $50 and I dont recall if they come in a pair or not but this is the BEST DEAL EVER
  • Excellent dive light

    posted by RemcovdWiel

    Excellent diving light for good and poor conditions in the water. Last week i used it in bad conditions, thanks to the light i managed to follow my buddy! Neam is very nice to use in conditions in the Netherlands.
    Light turns of after 80 mins, but normally the recreational dive is over at that time. And yes, you can always use your backup light! And last but not least : all hid have this issue!
    Good Price Quality! I recommended it at my friends as well. Well they saw the light!
  • Very good product

    posted by trsnolli

    - Works as expected;- Good cable lenght;- Looks pretty beautiful at night;- Really improves night vision;- Easy to install;
    Altough the package was too fragile, they arrive in one piece. I don't have much experience with that, nut I could install it in few hours (lamp installation is pretty easy, disassembling the car was difficult);
    If it is legal in your country, BUY one. It's pretty, it's helpful at nightdriving and it's pretty esay to install.

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