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hid flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Excellent dive light

    posted by RemcovdWiel

    Excellent diving light for good and poor conditions in the water. Last week i used it in bad conditions, thanks to the light i managed to follow my buddy! Neam is very nice to use in conditions in the Netherlands.
    Light turns of after 80 mins, but normally the recreational dive is over at that time. And yes, you can always use your backup light! And last but not least : all hid have this issue!
    Good Price Quality! I recommended it at my friends as well. Well they saw the light!
  • Very bright hid flashlight

    posted by CelicaGarage

    The flashlight is very bright and has 3 power levels from high, medium to low. The beam can be focused by twisting the front lens hood. It's not too large compared with the other 75+ watt HID flashlights. The battery pack has 3 white Leds that can be used as a mini flashlight when you don't need to use the HID.
    I'd buy this again knowing I could get a better replacement power adapter charger.
    Great flashlight but beware of the AC ADAPTER failing or catching fire.
  • Brightest flashlamp ever?

    posted by utyctoiutpiuty9

    BRIGHT!!!Bright, bright.A really masculine flashlight.Metal chassi of good quality.
    Bought it just to get the brightest flashlamp I ever seen.Spreads the light quite much. But it is a lot left for the main beam.Every time I use it, car stops of curiosity and people stears. You will be noticed!
    I like it. I would buy it again. But I don't really know when to use it. Maybe for animal safari in the woods.
  • The SUN in your hand

    posted by lasermanathome

    Propably the brightest flashlight there is.I have already the 35 W version (costed twice as much) and that ome was already a laserbeam-like fotoncannon.This 45-65-85 Watt version is more than twice as bright, the prommised 8500 lumens is not exaggerated.Hid can be more easily collimated (the lightsource itselfe is very tiny) than leds, only recoil ledlamps have that kind of collimatoin but they deliver 200-300 lumens, so 20-30 times less than this HID light.
    The batterypack is not very easy to use and short circuit can easily be obtained.The power of Li Po works fine with the power of the HID, so a long operating time can be reached.Don't restart the lamp when the HID is not cooled down, it can explode.
    A search and rescue-light of high quality.For daily use an overkill.So a good led T60 flashlight and this light for emergency will cover your need for light outdoor.For flashlight freaks and diehards, a must have ant particular this one, because it gives the most in time and brightness.

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