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hero 3 Customers Reviews

  • Great Produkt

    posted by Filboo

    This is what my Gopro need's!Good build quality. Looks Professional. Usefull at Home and also in the Car. I use it in germany and need an Adapter. But it works from 100V-240V AC!12V Car Plug is inside.The carger is easy to use. Insert the battery and the LED tell you if its full.The rebuild Li-ion Battery works great. I only use the DSTE Battery. I have a little bit more power and i can save the original one.
    I can only recommend it
  • Funny moments with this

    posted by taquiman

    The miniisw M-HB helmet extension is perfect for having funny footage of faces if you install it in the helmet, but you can also put it in the chest arnes to have quite dramatic third person views.
    It would be great if the extension were a little bit longer, now is perfect for the helmet, but short for chest third person view.
    Get your funniest shots with Miniisw M-HB Helmet Extension Arm
  • 100% useful

    posted by brferrero

    - easy to use and very light! It comes with the tripod mount .- it has the exactly specification as in the ad.-
    - great go pro gadget. It works with all models (1, 2 and 3). Must have it.- It took a while (more than one month) to be delivered but it arrived in a very good packing .
    - do not think to much and buy it! I have no regrets till now.- 100% satisfied ! - Monopé Manual Retrátil Fat Cat M-MC 4 para GoPro Hero 3/2/1 - Preto
  • Works when moving

    posted by oveto2

    Easy to adjustStays put when movingEasy to fasten the GoPro to it
    Bought it to use on shooting range (IPSC). Fits under ear-muffs no problem !Works well in conjunction with someone filming with an ordinary camera also. Is a lot more interesting when you can use picture-in-picture and make a video of both first- and third person view.Also works well if you want to make a video for educational purposes !
    Like this one. Would recommend it to others thinking of using it the same way !
  • Always good to carry extra charged batteries

    posted by shammon

    The charger is very compact. The batteries fits to the charger like a hand to a glove. Easy to insert and easy to take out but when batteries are in, they don't come off accidentally. You can turn it upside down and shake it a little but still the batteries remains inserted to the charger. You can charge either 1 or 2 batteries at same time. Red light tells you the battery needs to be charged more and green light tells you it's ready.These batteries have the same rating as the original ones which comes with a GoPro Hero 3+. The ratings are 3.7V, 1180mAh, 4.37Wh. Based on my personal testing with 1 original battery and several of these KingMa batteries. It takes about 2½ hours to get a battery fully charged after it's empty. Full battery gives roughly the same operation time regardless if it's an original or KingMa one, so there's not noticeable difference between these.
    I tested several of these batteries and compared them to original battery which came with Hero 3+ Silver Edition. All batteries were quite new when tested, including the original one. Short result is that there aren't noticeable differences between any of the batteries. All tested KingMa batteries gave almost the same charging and operation times as the original battery.
    If you use your Hero actively you will surely need some extra batteries ready to be used. And the charger is so small it can be carried in a pocket if necessary to be able to recharge the batteries on the go. And these are very decently priced especially when taking the quality in consideration.

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