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helmet handsfree Customers Reviews

  • Neat Product a Bit Small

    posted by vbrtrmn

    Pairs with HTC One X no problem, after it is paired it shows up with two options "phone audio" and "media audio". Decent quality construction. Includes multiple mounting options. The speakers include velcro mounts which fit very well in my XL motorcycle helmet.
    I wound up cutting off the microphone and I'll only be using the device to listen to music. I don't really need to be talking on the phone while riding.
    Comparable name brand units even for audio only are more expensive, the unit works for what I need after slight modifications, so I'm happy with it.
  • Fantastic - for what it is

    posted by ukulelepeter

    This is a great unit for speaking to your passenger. It makes it possible to have a conversation while driving in the city. It's well built, water resistant, and seems it will take a beating. The boom mic and headphones fit snugly in your helmet. They will also pair with my phone, making it simple to listen to music or talk when riding solo.
    Not great with other riders or high speed.
    It's very cheap and does what it says it does. A reasonable set of instructions, a well built unit and a good price. As long and you understand it's limitations it's a great buy.
  • Very useful product with acceptable price.

    posted by Sokobeg

    - Very good sound quality and strength. It will not bounce your head around but more than enough for closed environment inside the helmet.- Very good build quality. Speakers are well protected, microphone is on sturdy holder which protects the cable and keeps mic where you want it.- Good packaging, product is well protected.- Big buttons, easy to use with gloves on.- English manual.
    - Connector should be standard 3.5mm. In that case you could turn it around however you want it.- Connector should be made of softer rubber with slightly larger diameter than the hole in the module. That would increase water tightness.
    Very good product. I will buy another one or two pieces. With few minor corrections, it would be perfect.
  • I loved this Great gadget

    posted by fenix6232

    it is really useful This gadget makes your touring ride and travel much more pleasant, my recomendation, buy this product.The size and accessories. Intercom works perfectly.easily fit it into my helmet without much problems and have been using it since then for communication and music and calls via bluetooth to my S3 and other devices
    the sound is good, even can say very good.ride with girlfriend, talk during all the ride. talk with others while driving.the connection with the phone and other devices is immediate .
    in my opinion, so far, it worth the money.not the best you can have, but It works exactly as described. I've tried it with my passenger and other riders
  • Great gadget.

    posted by brunohl

    Great gadget. The price is very good!Sound is very good. I tested it with my friend on two bikes, with great signal. The operating distance is up to 400 meters. After that the conection is starting to loose signal. The batery was charged just 1 time, using it for one entire week and it's still working. BT connection with my cell phone is great, the sound is good and clear even riding at 100km/h.
    This gadget makes your touring ride and travel much more pleasant, my recomendation, buy this product.
    Great buy!


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