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  • Great bike accessory.

    posted by aie68

    Long lasting battery life; easy to mount; fits every possible helmet.Reliable communication between two bikers.Good radio receiver.It easily connects through bluetooth both my android mobile and my Garmin navigator.
    Velcro behind earphones cannot be fully trusted and audio quality is very much connected with the positioning of earphones in your helmet.
    Recommended purchase especially if you do not want to spend twice the money to get a branded toy.
  • BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle

    posted by isayvon

    The BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle and Skiing Helmet (2-Piece Set) is really cheap compared to similar devices I saw on the market that were around $500. The BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle and Skiing Helmet (2-Piece Set) is easy to use and mount to your helmet and is good looking.
    The BT Interphone + Handsfree Bluetooth for Motorcycle and Skiing Helmet (2-Piece Set) is a great product overall and I would recommend it for the price to anyone who wants to buy a similar device.
  • Great Product

    posted by CaioCaFe

    Working perfectly even with open face helmet until 80kph. With closed helmet, it works fine until 110kph. With a small modification on mic, it is now working perfectly until 130kph with closed helmet.
    You can close front side of the microphone with a foam tape and it will be great. Hardware seems to have good quality, it is beautiful.
    I do recommend. Communication between helmets is great until 130kph (after modification), music over mobile bluetooth works well. Commands are easy after some training.
  • High-quality and very useful

    posted by Tvloon

    - Sturdy, - Easy to install, - battery lifetime of several days, I use it for about 2 hours a day and have to charge it about every two weeks. - Automatic pairing- Good sound quality, for calling- Head unit is still disconnectable for charging etc.- Usable with gloves- Works and in any weather conditon (used it up to -14.5 degrees, during snow, during rain etc)
    Perfect when you use it for navigation, music and calls. I use it with the Sony Xperia Go, which is a waterthight phone so you can even use it when it rains.
    High-quality product, very usable, very sturdy. Especially for the price
  • very nice product

    posted by paizano1

    unit seems very well constructed, seems like it will handle the elements. clarity and sound very good at multiple speeds. linked right away to my phone and the other headset. Currently I dont have an mp3 or gps with blue tooth so could not try them.
    well worth the money, overall nice product, run time seems to be good so far, and the saftey issue sure makes the whole thing worth it.
    If you are riding with a passenger or friends, you should have this in your collection.

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