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helicopter gyro 2.4ghz

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helicopter gyro 2.4ghz Customers Reviews

  • Already a legend!

    posted by Scorpio1970

    This little bird is something even some hardcore R/C heli enhusiasts appreciate when they just want to fly some without the hassle of going to a larger field. It flies stable, is easy to learn and is capable of some stunning performance for its price. No wonder it has thousands of dedicated fans around the world. It's a small legend. :)
    Needs some initial trimming at first like all copters do, for example adjusting the servo bars so that you don't have to use all the trim available in the transmitter. Extremely durable, if you just remember to kill the throttle immediately if you're about to crash, it usually stays intact even if it drops from almost 10 feet (3m). If the rotor is spinning while crashing it will of course come apart, but so far nothing has actually broken. Just put it back together and fly again. DX and other online stores have spares and improved upgrade parts available cheap. A paddled flybar from BenMa Helios (or similar) is a MUST! There's a 1300+ pages long thread about this little bird here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1548027
    Stable, easy to fly, virtually undestructible and cheap. I will most likely be building a fleet of these with different upgrades, mods and setups. P.S.: It has those little knobs under its left landing skid so it's leaning right a bit when on a level surface. DO NOT cut them off, as they are not a defect or a molding leftover, this heli (like many others) is supposed to lean right a little on the ground to compensate the tendency to drift to the left in takeoff.
  • Exelent!! Perfect balance hobby/toy

    posted by Bighope

    This is a fantastic R/C helicopter for starters!! I've never owned nore tried flying R/C Helicopter, but allready I'm starting to controll the hoover and square exersise. It has suffered LOTS of "hard landing"(crashes), but still everything is in order (one side landinggear needs a litle drop of glue,but what would you expect?)
    All in one package. Ready to fly. Exelent!
    All in one package. Ready to fly. Exelent!!
  • Very nice helicopter

    posted by PA0SPP

    It's a very nice helicopter. I'm a beginner and there were many crashes but until now not any damage!All plastic parts are very durable.I also ordered some spare parts (landing skids, batteries, e.g.) in case of any damage will occur.
    Binding the copter to the transmitter can be a problem. I found out that first you have to put in the battery in the copter and within a few seconds switch on the transmitter. Then it works.
    If you want to buy a very nice and stable flying helicopter is this V911 a good choice (see youtube).
  • well build helicopter

    posted by jedicaz

    well built helicopter very good quality and comes with some really good radio gear.for advanced rc helicopter pilots would be so much fun ability to do stunts 3d flying comes with every thing you need to take out and fly it. apart from battery's for controller.
    This helicopter got so much potential so much you can adjust to suit your flying 3d flying im still a novices so im not really flying it to it full potentialbut will get there once get use to it properly and work out all the good settings.
    really nice looking helicopter good detail little lightly built try to avoid heavy crashes very complex main rotor and tail rotor setup but easy to adjust if you know what your doing not suitable for beginners.
  • Really Nice Helicopter, bad info

    posted by mcingolani

    Really Nice Heli, easy to use!! You can fly this one with a little training.The USB charge is very good and usefull so you don't need to use the controller batteries. But if you are far from a pc you still have the controller charge option!!
    Good choice! But do not trust the info on the item title.
    None just the missinfo

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