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You will be surprised our best helicopter blade set with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

helicopter blade set Customers Reviews

  • Very good/cheap blades!!!

    posted by aadje1993

    Looks shiny :)Lighter then the stock "woodies" of my belt CP V2.A little damaged on the "inside" (place that you not see), you see some inner material
    realy cheap, cheaper then the stock "woodies", i think they are even better (flying stabler)
    Just buy a couple (sets), i have now one set on my Belt CP V2 (with little rings) and buying some sets to keep on hand :)
  • very good deal blades

    posted by Sattrickske

    Very cheap.
    They are stronger than the original black ones, they don't break or chip off that easily.
    They are white and therefore far more visible than the black blades, this makes maneuverability easier as you can easily the extremity of the blades.
    Blades are good balanced, no adjustment is necessary.
    They are rather cheap.
    Package was very good protected during transport.
    Blades are a lot cheaper than the original ones, so can buy a lot of them. But since they do no tend to break easily, they will last longer.
    Shape of the blades is not identical to the original ESky blades, but their performance is almost identical. I've even got the impression that they generate less vibrations than the original ones.
    Very good deal, good price, good overall quality.
  • Easier to see than the black

    posted by asdasd123123

    They're white, makes the chopper easier to see, depending on the area you are in obviously, I used one black and one black pair, wich also looks better.
    Roughly same quality as original, identical in size, shape and weight as original parts.
    Actually have a little bit better finishing than original.
    Cheap replacement blades, one pair in Sweden costs about 10 bucks.
    So these are silly cheap.
  • Hélice de ótima qualidade

    posted by vallemarc

    I can say these blades are very good, the material is of good quality is good size and weight very regular. I bought several price e'o best of all,here in Brazil leaves much more expensive, the problem is expected to arrive. You must buyin many cases to break.
    I would buy these helices again, is the price differential. The quality is good andare lightweight and durable
  • Nice paddles, lighter than the stock Align ones.A+

    posted by nathanreed

    Good paddles, snug fit. Nice and strong and light. Flips and rolls are very fast now. I had to drop my cyclic down with these on.
    Buy these if you want to spead up your cyclic, rolls, flips etc. But you have been warned, they make it flip very fast so be ready on the sticks
    Good practice paddles, buy these to play around, much cheaper than Align 3k, no solid but the do the job.


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