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helicopter battery pack Customers Reviews

  • Better then original battery

    posted by halloweenlv

    It lasts longer than original battery, that came with Esky big lama! All cells charge perfecty the same rating and speed! Lift power is better also!
    Great battery! Buying 2 more!I have 2 more non-original batteries bought from net, and both look the same as original, but are crap. This one is just awesome!
    Better than original, and thats realy wierd from Esky! Pleasant surprize from DX, that clone is better than original!
  • Excellent battery

    posted by ZSimon

    This battery came in storage voltage and out of balance by 0.2V So I discharged it at .3A and recharged over few hours at 0.1A. It is perfectly balanced now and drains accordingly. It is powerful enough to handle my Panavia F3 Tornado Jet for about 3 mins. At the first trial it gets hot. Don't be surprised or upset. Recharge and go.At the 3rd or 4th this battery is equal to my Turnigy.Comes with generic "Deans". :))
    I've purchased 3 2200 mah 25C batteries from DX, the same "brand" will review those as well.
    Buy this if you require a 20C 1500mah.
  • Perfect choice.

    posted by Akrosupak

    Basicly, this is what I was looking for. I was paying double price for this kind of battery. It fits perfectly in my glider and existing connector is just an advantage.
    I put this one in my wish list so after I will destroy two which I ordered I can order some more. it is good weight vs power choice.
    I would recommend this battery for usage in small models, helicopters or other equipment. 2200mAh are optimal choice at 7.4V battery especially if you need to fit it in fixed box.
  • Like the it

    posted by Hakkinator

    * It's working
    * Price
    I am using them for line following robot and they work fine - haven't tested real capacity and discharge rates, but my robot draws something like a 700mA and these batteries works fine. I am charging them with "Microchip" LiPo charger IC with 500mA maybe it's little too much for them and that's why they have expanded little bit. Also I resoldered connectors with my own.
    Not sure about Walkera heli - but works good as general purpose batteries, and price is great.
  • Satisfied with Product

    posted by wildblue31

    I bought this LiPo battery for my Blade 450 RC BNF helicopter that I have owned for a couple of months now. I already had two e-flite brand LiPo batteries when this was delivered, so I can stay out at the field longer now with 3 batteries.
    Unlike ZdenekJi reported, I do not find any significant increase in flight durations with this battery. From a full charge level (~12.4 V) it discharges in flight down to 60% cell voltage (~11.3 V, I think) using the same 6 minutes on my transmitter timer that my e-flite batteries do.
    That said, I am pleased with the price (< half of an e-flite battery) and the build quality. So to summarize:
    - flight durations equal to (but never exceeds) my other batteries
    - looks nice in the air (orange - oooohh)
    - best price I've found yet
    - reliable and fast delivery
    - good build quality
    - all wires are sufficiently long for my Blade 450
    If you decide to order this battery, just make sure you have (or get) connectors appropriate for your helicopter and an adhesive velcro strip. Also, a 30 Watt soldering iron.
    I should mention that I have one more of these LiPos on order from DX - should hopefully reach me sometime next week.
    I would recommend this battery to anyone looking for a good value in a second (or third, or fourth...) LiPo battery for their 450 size RC helicopter. But don't order this battery because you think the flight times will be significantly longer (because for me they were not). Order it because it is a cost-effective, quality LiPo battery.

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