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helicopter 3.5 Customers Reviews

  • Ótimo presente

    posted by hbarcelos

    - Affordable price.
    - Great driving.
    - Very resistant.
    - Comes with key and rotors reserves.
    - Battery lasts well control.
    - There is an adjustment of rotation control.
    - Load the USB.
    - Very resistant.
    - Great to play indoors.
    -I recommend to everyone. Great gifts, great toy. Buy two more soon. The battery could last longer in flight, it takes only 8 minutes. In all, there is cons ... I really liked, and several people asked me how much it cost, and when told the price, were surprised. ELHOR PURCHASE THAT THE DX've done.
  • A toy for all ages

    posted by rogercarvalho

    Great quality and excellent cost (fantastic relation cost x benefit), the helicopter have a nice performance and operation distance. Good precision on their commands. The material, finishing and general quality are very impressive.
    could be indicated other possible complements as camerasA box or bag could be sale as acessory
    Is a fantastic gift for all R/C operators (all ages and knowledge level)
  • Cool helicopter

    posted by BrainDamaged

    It's a well build helicopter,very solid.Nice color (blue with some white)Price is okayIt has GyroscopeCan go foward,back,left and right
    It would be nice if it could fly for more than 10 minutes but all helicopter like this are only flying 5 to 10 minutes.First dx's pictures is not good.The helicopter is blue and white not blue and black.
    Very fun helicopter and it's really solid.I crashed it so many times in walls,roof,objets etc... and never broke anything (only few scratch barely visible, thats all)So it's a good helicopter to buy for your first one and it's easy to manipulate.
  • Great heli, very easy to control

    posted by buyzz

    Very light, powerfull and easy to be controlled, USB for recharge, not to use batteries. The remote control is very simple and you can learn quick to use it.
    I'm wondering, can it hold a mini camra on it :DGlad to have it. 5 starts from me
    Perfect for play outside or inside, at your house. Exsallent for a gift ;) Dont give it to a babyes, theu will smash it immediately (mine tryed to squeeze it, its still working :)For for first time flight, try to start from a place with less objects, till you can controll it free, othewise you'll breake it after the first time use :/
  • Best priced Helicopter

    posted by poppinfresh

    Extremely durable. Metal parts make it more durable. This is the best priced helicopter on the market right now. Lots of replacement parts. Iphone app works great as well as the transmitter that comes with it. Price is excellent
    This is an indoor helicopter so make sure you have space to fly it.
    If you want something to learn to practice with this is it. Well worth the price and you save on lots of batteries as you only need to charge the helicopter through USB and the controller is used through your phone.

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