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  • Fun gadget

    posted by stryker000

    The slingshot is very fun to use if you live in area's where hunting with rifles is prohibited. It is very powerful and shoots very far. also the handle is well designed so that it doesn't hurt your hand when using.
    If you want to use this slingshot effectivly, you should buy the aluminium balls that you can buy here on DX.com. These will fly in a straight line and go much further!
    It's a very fun extra, not something you have to have, but if you know how to use it, it's very fun!
  • Looks good value, but be careful

    posted by nige0090

    Good pricePackaging claims 3 ton limitPackaging claims hooks are forgedHooks have safety latches with springs to prevent them falling off securely
    I'll keep it in the car for emergencies but would err on the side of caution when using it.Be aware that flat towing may be illegal in your locale.I's estimate that this strap is about one quarter the thickness of my 10 ton recovery strap. This may indicate that its max load is about 2 -3 tons. But since the materials of construction may be different this may not be a fair comparison.This strap is too light to use to recover bogged vehicles (just in case anyone thought this would work as a cheap recovery strap)
    Looks good value, but be careful
  • Good Indoor Digital Timer

    posted by sikamikan

    -better than a mechanical timer, because it has a smaller time lapse (1minute, to 15minutes from the mechanical-rechargeable hydrogen battery-Full electronic timing design-useful manual
    Perfect timer, i set it up to an electrical lamp so that it operates only at the part of the day with cheap power. Buy this one (not a mechanical timer) if you need to turn on/off the power at any time or day .... this is the one you need.ou can program diff each day per week, combination of day weeks; every odd or even day of week etc. Eight programs are enough.
    i would buy it again
  • Excellent material for professional use.

    posted by bycalleia

    Good quality material, comes in standard packaging, the product is of solid carbide with rubberized finish is excellent and the price. Not much to talk about the product. it is of great quality.
    The sound is not thin metal, is something professional.Not much to talk about the product. it is of great quality.
    This product here in Brazil is very expensive and I'm really enjoying the DX's price.Not much to talk about the product. it is of great quality.
  • Click the stripper

    posted by llasher

    Strips readily, no need to get it drunk firstAdjustableNot hideous to the eye
    I have owned strippers like this all my life. They are easy to use: if you are stripping a lot of similar wire, adjust the screw. Otherwise strip by feel. That's the way I like it. But I'm a fat little insect.
    A proven design, serving wire stripping enthusiasists since the 70s. My old set have lasted at least that long, and have been my favourite strippers. With this classic tool, nothing can possibly ever go wrongk.

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