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On this page, you can find a wide selection of heated warm gloves. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

heated warm gloves Customers Reviews

  • Warm hands eh

    posted by SNOWY1976

    Fast delivery ...came intact good packaging...easy to use just plug it in and within minutes your hands are warm...The quality of the gloves are pretty good for the price.Comes with 2 heat pads that are removable so you can wear them without the heat pads if you wish and makes it possible to wash the gloves.Overall a good purchase especially here in Canada were the temperature can drop below -30
    ideal for anyone who suffers from cold hands in the office or at home on the computer.
    Fast delivery ...good price ...does as advertised
  • confortable

    posted by dankitavero

    the product is cheapis softdynamicgreat colorsIts cheap. You can buy more then one for a whole year.Amazing, so simple but so efective! Women warm gloves are perfect, you just plug and warm instantly!
    i recommended this product!No real cons. There are no complaints from me for this price!!!
    The Quality and Shipping time was really good. looks exactly the same as shown in picture. Very happy to own one. The way the item was packed was really good.
  • Great product for your cold hands

    posted by eliosfederico

    The heat it's just right, not too hot, not too cold. It gets fast hot. The gloves feels good and because your fingers stays out you still can type on your keyboard and use your mouse without problems. You can also close the cover and your fingers are also covered! The heating pad it's removable because it is attached in the gloves with a felcro pad. Cables are long enough.
    The material of the gloves it's a little stinky but it goes away with time. I don't know if they are washable tho.
    I suggest this product. If you have cold hands, buy it!
  • Nice

    posted by P3tras

    They get warm just enoughBuild quality looks pretty goodYour hands won't be cold next to the computer
    It arrived in a plain simple plastic bag, but looks very good. The heating pads are secured with Velcro so you can remove them whenever you want. Also they aren't very big but fits my not big hands very good.
    Great item if your hands gets cold next to the computer. Price isn't very high so you should really buy it!
  • My girlfriend loves tigers SPA/ENG

    posted by mentesabia

    It Really warm your hand with usb power or not / Realmente calientan tus manos con o sin energia
    You can remove the warmer and wash the gloves/ puedes remover el calentador y lavar los guantes
    you can use these on the street hiding the power cable / Los puedes usar en la calle esconiendo el cable de poder
    The length of the usb cable y well enough and you can separate the gloves from each other / El largo del cable usb es suficiente y puedes incluso separarlo para que no molesten los guantes
    i gave these to my girlfriend i think will use these every day but it was not the real truth she use these once a week with luck / estos se los di a mi novia y pense que los usaria todos los dias pero no fue asi, los uso con suerte una vez por semana
    because these doesn`t warm her cold fingers / por que no calentabansus dedos frios
    buy these only if you problem are cold hands / compra estos solo si tu problemas son las manos heladas
    these will not warm your finger only the hand / no te calentaran los dedos solo la mano

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