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heat tube Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for hobby applications

    posted by QWERman

    It´s cheap,It does it´s job :)Simple to use.I deliberately tried to burn it and it did self extinguish.
    Shipping took a while. More than a month!
    I reccomend this item to everyone who is working a lot with small wires. Just put the cable into the tube and heat it up! Perfect for insulating uninsulated wires and for protecting soldered joints.
  • I was expecting a bit more

    posted by Neowizard

    - Does exactly what it says. You heat it up, it shrinks to about 1.5mm- Easy to cut- Small package so it easily fits into any toolbox (no matter how crowded)- Rather flexible so it doesn't get too damaged while it's packed tight.
    At the end of the day, it work. I'm not sorry I got it, and I think most people won't be either.Just keep in mind that there's some points that could be improved
    If you need to mend a bad earphones cable (or something like that), and you don't want it to look like crap, this will do the trick.
  • It seems fine to me and I love it.

    posted by BabaWoo

    The size of the product is just perfect to me in conjunction to my previous order. I would expect both work well together to provide me the inner and outer wrap of my some small projects. The color is also a plus to distinguish the 2 sizes in my possession. The tubing in combined with my previous purchase are performing better than I expected. They shrink more than enough to my needs.
    I will however report any defective aspect if I run into it in the future and cover it in the future reviews.
    It is fine to me
  • Really good banana plugs

    posted by Martenmede

    Easy to solder and well proportioned shrink sleeves. Is firmly seated in another no risk of them coming loose. Fits standard 2mm banana plugs. Very low contact resistance, immeasurably with my instrument, the same result as if I short the cables.Shrink tube 3-4 times longer than the banana plug and one for each plug.
    Be careful when soldering, may be too much solder that clog the springs, 2mm is very small.
    I use it for all kinds of DIY
  • Good value

    posted by HiVoltage

    - Low cost- Good quality (same stuff you would buy at your local electronics store)- Various thick sizes - you will always have the size you need!
    - While these are good as they are, it would be even better if they were lined with hot glue from the inside. Hot-glue-lined shrinking sleeves are would different product, but they're very convenient when it comes to thicker tubes. It would be nice if DX offered that option.
    Overall, these are well worth the price. You may want to buy them along with sku.23452 so you will have all the sizes available so you'll always find the size you need handy.

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