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  • Very good heatsink for the Raspbery Pi

    posted by MonoS94

    The two main heatsinks are made of copper, a very good thermal conductive material and are very useful for the chip you are supposed to mount on, the third one is made of aluminum but is not a problem because the component on which you should mount on don't made a lot of heat.The adhesive material is very good also, once sticked on the chip will not take off easily, even if you lift the raspberry pi the heatsink.
    Very good heatsink for the raspberry.
    You need this item if you want to use your RPi 24/7 also the chip will became very hot [even more in summer]
  • 800 square centimeter pieces for $10

    posted by MiroslavCvejic

    Both sides are protected with plastic foil so no worries about keeping clean surfaces of the pads.
    Easy to cut with scissors or scalpel.
    Excellent for replacing old and deformed thermal pads when cleaning coolers of laptops, gaming consoles, graphics cards etc.
    If your handy with scalpel you can get perfect 8-10mm wide strips which can be cut in small square pieces with cutting pliers. When you get the desired shape and size, peel off protective plastic layer and apply on previously cleaned surface.
    Excellent value! Depending of the desired size, you can cover more than 1600 BGA chips with just one thermal pad. A must have item if your in laptop repair/service business.
  • Best thermal pad

    posted by paulik22

    Very good and very useful. Its a good size and if you need another size its easy to cut with a cutter.Usefull with the GPU of the laptop, new or old.I use it too in electronics components and work fine.Good for heat transfer, such as RAM in graphics cards or HDD's.
    Good thermal pad which is fine for replacing old thermal pads on notebooks.So, if you want to cool down RAM or any component, laptop chipset, buy this product!Highly recommended
    Best Quality.
  • Fits perfectly

    posted by Razhor

    If you are running your pi as a media centre you need one of these. It fits perfectly and I was surprised that the sticker at the bottom said Sony. So it's not just any old heatsink it's the real deal.
    I didn't have any heatsink paste or anything like that, so I just peeled off the backing and stuck it on. If you use XBMC you'll see the CPU always running at 50% + even while doing nothing. I was worried about mine burning out because that is what happened to a friend of mine. Now I'll gladly overclock it and not worry. I also bought the clear case which makes all the difference.
    Cheap and essential if you plan on overclocking your pi as a media centre.
  • Better socket to build lamp modules

    posted by 61juri

    Excellent led plate. It also work as a heat sink.
    In my experience is better to first apply some solder wire with a 60W solder to every contact on the plate. As a second step, you can do the same to the led tips and finally sold one of the led legs to the plate. Put some silicon grease on the bottom of the led and apply again the solder so the thermal contact between the led and the plate is perfect. uper recommended!

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